helplessly happy

its almost 2 am.

here i am infront of the my trusted lappy.. the one that i spent most of my time with.i’m so proud of you… its just now you’re being hotter and hotter. donno,maybe i should get one of those laptop cooler things.

we’ve done the installation at clients place tonight.the whole set up cost abt 4 new waja’s.and it just a machine that will produce something for your car that most of us wont even notice its existance!a months hard work and cursing finally ends.during dinner (my first meal for today)as i watch the boys happily munching their foods;i can see their fightin spirit.their true kindness and loyalty.and most importantly, teamwork. thank you boys.if we could do this more often; ermmmm “Hello; Auto Bavaria…. i’d like to confirm that black 523i….. hehehehehe”

only one person missing here…. my partner ! (those who read my first blog;will know him)

i dont really understand him now.. he can be the boss if he wants; just let me control the decison making part? hey c’mon.. nothing personal here;its just business…

i just want to make money. i really mean it.

and i cant fake my own orgasm either.


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