her boobs are really soft

I was assigned a new project.To design a fully automatic spraying machine.The client; a very well known camera brand.The machine should continously spray black color to the camera body once it is out from the ‘body making machine’

its an interesting yet challenging project. as the office cum factory is chaotic and bit haywire; after lunch ;i’ve decided to go somewhere more quite to concentrate on my designs. Initially colmar tropicale registered on my brain but to reach there and to survive the kl traffic….. i decided to go south; one of the PD resorts.

after check in and have a peek of whats installed in the room; it was abt 6pm. laptop aside and i lay on the couch.enjoying the seabreeze.

i was asleep !

i remember, i woke up around 8 stg.. said to myself, must mandi n perform the prayers. i remember; bukak my office attire (jeans n t shirt) and changed to the towel.. but i do remember; i jump to bed instead

i woke up at around 7 am the next day!

am i too exhausted ? am i too overworked (to the boss: read underpaid) am i too stress ?  i was sound asleep till morning, clad only in hotel towers; no dreams no nothing..it just asleep… i think i’ve never felt like this for so very long time… tertidur till morning just like that.

after breakfast; few laps in the pool… i was on the road to KL.

the design?  mission incomplete

maybe i should do that more often 🙂

ooh.. the “her boobs are really soft ” tu ?? i just made the tajuk to be more interesting!!! hahhaha. tiada kaitan antara yang masih hidup atau yang dah mati.


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