miss effa ro giey

Part of my daily job responsibilities is to meet and interact with different person from different agencies as i also do sales and marketing for the company.

So today, i was at this grand company;lets name it Kangkung Holding.I was entertained by a beautiful,young exec;lets call her Miss Effa Ro Giey.

Being a marketeer; I explain to her about our company,products,services, capabilities and such.It was a warm presentation with questions and answers well served.Basically Miss Effa Ro Giey is impressed and would like us to be one of their vendors.Mission complete.

It was her last word that stunned me; En Adi, I suka dengan perfomance your company.Tapi I dah kawin laa…….

i was speechless.

its understood that i’m young,good looking company director with a sleek new bmw  (err okay; i just made it up.hehehe) but whats that statement got to do with my company??

nonetheless; i shake her hand and say- you got my number;call me if you need me.

on the way back- i listen to def leppard- pour some sugar on me:


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