toll gate girl

in order to go to work each and every single day, i have to come across a toll booth near my housing was a rather small toll with only a few basically those toll gate operators are almost familiar faces…among them, there are one person that im sort of suka tengok.cute face with a beautiful friendly smile.if i’m lucky;( one of the reason i avoid using smartag at that particular booth hahahaha)i will came across her while collecting the ticket and without fail i will smile hehehehe… but for no apparent reason;not even a single Hello was ever uttered.lets call her miss colgate

it was that evening, i’m going home from airport, my parents are going abroad for two weeks. as i approaching the booth; it was miss colgate on duty… hehehe my lucky day.

as usual.. i smile she smiles.take the ticket and the monies… and she spoke to me!!!!! OMG !!!!. hi bang, baru balik ker..dari mana..jalan jemn tak and such…..

and i answered politely with a big grin. lambat plak dia kasi duit baki. i was driving after the booth;i was wondering… why suddenly she was nice to me.. do i look more handsome than yesterday… i wear new shirt….naaah…i even look at the mirror if ada any food leftover on my teeths… naaah

but then…oh shit….. today i’m driving this spanking new Txx 99. A blue E200 KOMPRESSOR.Delivered just yesterday.

wtf…. !

its my dads car btw….they were abroad for two weeks.ngeh ngeh ngeh.


6 Responses to “toll gate girl”

  1. Farzilah Says:

    emmm… it so relex to read yuor blogs hear. Good jod. Just luv your writing… it so natural (hope so…) n ada parts yang mmg boleh buat i gelak sakan dear… take care n keep on writing…

  2. tokketua Says:

    thanks…. will always try 🙂

  3. abanglong Says:


  4. Tu nak kata toll gate girl materialistik kah? huhuh…terserempak dengan blog ni masa buat search tadi. Nice one! 🙂

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