nothing personal,its just business

my partner,lets call him mr unta.Mr Unta owns this company,namely tebu manis sdn bhd before we merge.Me, i’ve got my own company, let call it Ady Hensem sdn.bhd. As in my previous blogs, he is selling the company due some reasons.We mutually merged as agreed.JV is in progress as legal stuff are in motions.

I still do my stuff and he did his.We have doubts we work against the odds.He is the business partner that i have to put my trust and confidence.I was hoping and praying that he could devote his life and soul to the business… as what i did.i do hope that he would deliver 200% commitment to make our dreams comes true…. its all that i ask from a partner.

Apparently, he spend less  time in the office.Meeting with clients, delivery and such is a standard answer when asked.He were not around when we were totally worn out assembly one machine to an important client. He were not around during saturdays and sundays while we struggle to meet our datelines… and he wasnt aware that we sometime spent our nights in the office….

we: refers to me and the staffs

But today; I got a call from his major client.his bread and butter….. mr kong ket kuat from a big japanese company

kk kuat:hello is this mr adi.. mr unta’s partner

me: yes i am sir.what could i do 4 u

kk kuat: i really pissed off with yr partner.he made empty promises and he didnt deliver goods as promised.he didnt inform us and he didnt answer my calls.i’ve arranged my mens to do overtime on saturdays in order to assist him installing that machines and he didnt show up….. bla bla bla

me: errrrrrr…. (frankly… i dont really know what the heck he is talking about… as far as i know,Unta already delivered the stuff…at least thats what he told me)

kk kuat: i dont care…i’m going to terminate yr company from our supplier list….

me: mr kk kuat….i’m sure there is some misunderstanding somewhere… can i personally come and have a discussion with you…

after long cock talking, he finally agree to see me tomorrow, under one condition; i must come alone.He really pissed off with Unta and doesnt want to see him.

Unta was just came to the office (its around 11 am) when these things happens.When i stormed him on what had happen, he cooly said… sorry ady, last saturday aku ada big problem…tak dapat nak hantar.

as simple as that…..

this dorkhead unta could have called me on saturday to help him

this dorkhead unta could have called client upfront mentioning he cant come

this dorkhead unta could at least let me know what had happens….

dorkhead…. i’m your partner remember!!!!

so tomorrow; i’m gonna be at kk kuat place.i’m sure i will kena taruk one…i’m sure i’m gonna be bombarded with questions that i dont really know to answer…

on the other hand… this company mr kk kuat  working is a giant multinational company.its considered a five star company in terms of payment and projects awards…

its a gold mine laa dorkhead…….

what IF…. i mentioned to this mr kk kuat…

that i HAVE ADI HENSEM SDN BHD….i can do much better than dorkhead unta… i can designs and i have all the technical know how to assist yr production.i have all the equipments and i have experience….

ditch the company and take me instead……

what would unta feel ??


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