sometimes,it pays to be arrogant

As i was driving to meet mr KK Kuat my mind was busy planning what to say,what to klentong and what to what…. at the same time i was sort of cursing dickhead unta…if dia buat his kerja; i wont be in this situations. before long, i park the car in the visitor lot and proceed to the guard house.fill in the forms and such. ermmm the visitor form where you jot down everything they need to know about u.your name,company name,ic,car registration number,dick size,person to meet and such.

so i wait KK kuat and his boss in the meeting room.but surprisingly… it was a very decent ting tong ting tongs session.its more like a briefing session…thank God.He explained what they feel uncomfortable with Unta,what his problem, his empty promises and such. And i on behalf of the company said sorry and present to them our contingency plan. My plan to send Unta to pluto and such….

I promised them that for the time beeing, i will personally handle their accounts.Should any problem arise they can directly contact me.Day or night.I promise them first priority in terms of delivery and such…

I also tell them about our capabilities.What could we do and what are our future business plans.They seems to love the idea and willing to give us a fresh hope.I’m smiling……

Mission complete.

As our meeting ends abt 1 pm, i suggest them lunch.initially they were quite reluctant… (cheh…shy shy cat hahahaha)

They waited infront of the lobby while i took the car. Both of them was bit amused seeing the E200.what the heck.

kk kuat:U drive merc now eh…business must be damn good

me: no…its kereta pinjam

kk kuat: u jangan tipu we all la…mana ada orang kasi pinjam this type of car

me: no its my fathers car

kk kuat: dont bull shit me la ady…

kk kuat boss : maybe i should check with our purchasing side…maybe he charge us too much!!!!



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