virgin on a first date

i’m gonna meet mr kong ket kuat make things worst, mr kk kuat had reschedule the meeting so that his boss also can join together…. i’m gonna screwwd….. bumblebee.. help me hehehe (me watched the transformers few days back).so it gonna be two against one.

i dont mind being fucked if i am wrong.aku salah,kau tembak aku..its okay with me.its my mistake,i’m sorry and i will try to mend things to make it right.but if i’m right and you wrong…dont ever mess with me.i will fight back. but in this situation;things are bit foggy.i mean;i’m pissed with unta…he did wrong things.. i have reasons to taruk him.but; at the same time;i’m also gonna be fried because of those wrong things….

frankly, i’m quite nervous.before sleep last night, i run tru my wardobe! what should i wear today!!! gheeezzz.i even vacum the car hahahahahaha.

anyhow, i will try to save our butts.dorkhead… i hope there is nothing that you hide from me.i’ve asked him…is there anything else that i should know forehand… he said nothing.

i kinda like the on a first date…i’ll write about it someday.yeah.. my ol flame .chenta monyet di zaman sekolah hahahahahaha.during my uni years and such. it was fun.theres no sms,mms,etc during those days…but it is FUN. (have u ever recieve a letter;that ada talcum powder to make it more wangi!!!!! )

so…i’m going now.. wish me luck dudes.

pagi ni aku nak dengar mila… persis mutiara. boleh ?


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