he screwed me

i was in jb yesterday. i got a call from this particular singaporean ceo.he wants to meet me in jb for a business deal.as it was a last minute request and all flights are fully booked ( i dont want to naik a NURI though hehehehehe); i drive there.it was a long boring drive.manage to reach there slightly 3hrs something…..hehehehe (banyak ler nanti aku derma kat pdrm)

it was a splendid meeting.basically he got to know me from one of my clients and he also interested to do business with us.alhamdulillah.so, after getting all the relevant stuff; we ends the meeting and next meeting is scheduled in spore after i finish my proposals.

its a long drive back…

(btw; as i was tired, i slept in malacca last night)

on the way back… i  recieve a call from another new customer. asking me to dropby his office for a meeting.he also known me from a client.i was delighted. alhamdulillah.around 10 i was already shaking hands with the boss.basically he needs me to do a machine for him.good business.

the trouble starts when he read my company profile…….

so, you partner with this mr unta ehh….

i said yes and briefly describe my partneship with unta

i dont like him.he once did our projects and fail big time.and he keeps asking us for payments event the project was a disaster

he backstabbed us

he poured sands in our rice pot

he sucks

amigosh…. that really stunned me.

it took me solid one hour to convince him that what mistakes unta did was a past.i’m in control of the company now and i’ll make sure those stupid things wont happen again.

eventually he would like me to give a quotation under one simple term

its me and only me who will deal with him….no involment of whatsoever with unta




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