what a day

i was at clients place as early as 9 am today.one of their engineers had called me forehand mentioning that 11 of 16 items that i supplied to them were not as precise as they need.Their tolerance was 0.05 mm and almost 70% of it were smaller by 0.02 mm (thats the thickness of some of our hairs… go figure !)

But, i personally checked the items during manufacturing stages and i know,its already followed the drawings; means that there SHOULD NOT be any rejected.Thats makes me unsatisfied and i’m willing  to argue if i’m on the right track.I’m damn sure about it.

So i was at their testing lab and taking measurements of their boobs machine parts that i supplied.I dont blame them, its their method of taking measurements is incorrect thus resulting inaccurate readings.Ngeh ngeh ngeh….. i won.

It took me untill 12 pm though.

A call from Mr Kong Kek Kuat (remember him….frm my previous post) shattered my day.Apparently Unta make the same mistake again! MCB. Same ol mistake….Unta didnt deliver the goods on time.And yet; didnt inform the client, and mislead the client into believing that our subcon delays the item.

This time, i confronted Unta.Shit… he also tried to bullshit me.Telling me that the subcon just completed the job.I directly called the subcon and they told me it was completed A MONTH ago.Its Unta who didnt take further actions. SHIT SHIT SHIT…..

I was really mad… i really am.

Called mr kong kek kuat and arrange a meeting with him.He told me that he already fucked off with unta (So do I what…) He insist me to handle their account.He doesnt want to deal with Unta anymore.

Unta cant accept it.

I was at home quite early… Stressed and pissed off. After shower; masuk dapur and i cook. It was a simple dish. Sardines, and ikan masin (chef ady secret recipe!) Simple and yet very the sedap. I can cook quite well.And i find that cooking somehow can cool me down.Yeah…its like booze to some. Hahahaha….. quite some time ago i created the ‘telur pizza’ and ‘telur kacau’ which the kids really love!

Unta? well, i’ve not spoken to him since.


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