at home

Yeas… i’m at home this very moment….. the reason ? ermmmm let just say that i’m pissed off with Unta. (again! hehehehe) Apparently, this morning when i was going to the office, its close to 10 am, i got a sms from mr kong ket kuat. he  was damn angry mentioning that unta once again didnt do things he suppose to the sms, he uttered stuffs like malay companies doing bad service and such.. and that statement is the statement that i always, i repeat always try to avoid.

well, actually i thot its already settled (my mistake also..) when i asked unta few days back, he told me that it is going to be mistake again on trusting him and another mistake on not conforming with client. as the result, kong ket kuat really mad today.unta, when i called him is not in the office.

so, i have to clean unta’s shit one more time. i had to rush to see kong ket kuat.on the way, i had to calling calling many subcontractors to award this super top urgent things.somehow, alhamdulillah, i manage to settle all.I manage to calm mr kong ket kuat.I manage to arrange a contractor to install the things.And most of all, i manage to prove at least to myself that malay companies are not that bad.

i dont want to face unta.i went straight home… tengok cartoon with the dotter.after prayer; i nak masak. ketammasak lomak cili api, ikan goreng and steamed brocolli seems nice eh!!! ngeh ngeh ngeh.

As for unta; i might reconsider the partnership.


2 Responses to “at home”

  1. erm… besh je ketam masak lomak cili api tuh..:)

  2. tokketua Says:

    very the besh… tapi dah abish. harap maklum. ngeh ngeh ngeh

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