pondok lempeng

do some of you recalled “lempeng” ianya amat berbeza dengan lempang sebab lempang tu sakit, lempeng ni boleh dimakan! Well its a simple dish made by mixing flour (aku rasa la, takkpun tepung beras) with water,some salt. made sampai dough and fried on a flat pan…

my late grandma always serve this to feed us (me and the cousins). eat it with sugar or condensed milk or kelapa or anything. sometimes mum would be bit creative by adding crushed nuts on it. yeah….life wall so simple those days.

i need to buy some blank cd. some of my client need a soft copy of the designs ( dont worry, i already ‘fix’ it. so, no matter how, they wont be able to copy my designs. in case they gave it to other machine maker pun, it just cant be done. intelectual property rights ! ngeh ngeh ngeh)

The kids wanted to follow me. And we end up in this pondok lempeng. basically the lempeng yang tak berdosa itu has TRANSFORMED into what it has be now. additional some ayam,capsicum,cheese and macam macam.together with marketing giant the’e created some lempeng crazy troughout the world.


latest lempeng invention kot….


ada sayoq…. kat umah memang takmo makan sayoq… kat sini abisssss! hermmmmm




One Response to “pondok lempeng”

  1. belum punya masa lagi to try itu lempeng!!

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