to sir, with love

Media in last few days went bezerk with the news of a student who cekik the teacher. There were few version and the last being the act of self defence. Well, i’m not in the position to comment who were right and who is not.Not so long ago there were news abt act of teachers who were punished quite severe.

My mum was a teacher.She retired many years ago.During our student days, teachers were kings.We do really salute them.We worship them.Takder they all, tak reti aku nak menaip blog blog nih weh….. Till now, my mums ex student still adress her as cikgu……. that somehow shows their respect to teachers, even some of them were multi millionares. Ada orang yang  very powerful, bersara beberapa years back…. terpaksa BEG to come to a perhimpunan! See how different it is…

Those days, if we were punish at schools, we dare not complaint to parents.. mau kena tambah lagi rotan hahahaha.But now, so called modern parents; wanted their kids to excell but klu cikgu jentik telinga siap saman mahkamah ! As for me, they yang ‘stupider’ than their kids.. (hehehe stupid -> stupider->stupidest).These super busy mum and dad, dont really have time to teach their kids on moral value, bila jadi hantu kat sekolah; blame the teacher plak….. double bodoh.

Cikgu’s now dah tak leh even jentik telinga students.To me; somehow; those harsh punishments tu yang sometimes best.Nak guna saikologi tu boleh; tapi kat budak tadika.

Somehow, reasons known only to God, i langsung tak minat jadi cikgu.Hehehehe… klu aku jadi cikgu, mau tiga kali seminggu masuk paper. I just cant tolerate with these bodoh sombong attitude.Tak pandai but mau belajar its so okay with me…. but klu mangkuk and yet malas dahtu menyusahkan oranglain….. haaaa siap.

Hehehehe, maaf,bit emotional this morning….. so to my previous teachers; especially Cikgu Fatimah,Cikgu Yusuff…. (these two great person…. teaches me ABC and 123) hanya Allah boleh membalas segala jasamu. To my kids, i’ve told your teachers that i’ve got no objection if they rotan you all if you all nakal…..



4 Responses to “to sir, with love”

  1. erm..emo sket today heh..!

  2. terbagi idea plak kat saya nak wat entry baru .. hehehe .. tqvm ye:))

  3. tokketua Says:

    silakan cik yantie…. ngeh ngeh ngeh

  4. ady,
    kan best kalau semua parents macam you…sometimes i just cant tolerate with parents’ attitude nowadays..macam bagus..hoh!tau tak one of my colleagues kena sound coz dia tarik telinga budak..pleasela..tak sakit okkk

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