washing machine

one of my major client request me to design a washing machine for them.its not a new things though,they already had a few units imported from japan.they want to localise and they call me in.just came back from their place to gather the info about the machines.i was given two weeks to come out with the concept design and pricing.their target price? about 80% of the imported ones.

before someone shout at me, allooo go to seng heng laaa…… hehehehe; its not a normal washing machine dude.this baby will wash bikes engines. the cost roughly about 70k.it will use pure filtered water combined with compressed filtered air.no need to use breeze nor dai’a though

i’ll upload the pics when the machine is done…. if its is done!

nampak gaya aku tidow kat opishhh lerrrr


2 Responses to “washing machine”

  1. well, nnt i tolong supply ubat gigi, berus gigi, ubat nyamuk, selimut, bantal, toto dan kelambu kalau perlu..heh! heh! heh!

  2. tokketua Says:

    amboi…… ngeh ngeh ngeh

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