malaysian made;chinese look

being to busy for the past few days; kurang masa utk update blog. but nak citer few things yg happen last few days.

 went to clients place in s alam. new security guard in da house.very pakcik look.serious but looks friendly. maybe ex army or police. as a security reason; most of the kilangs will want u to fill in some forms; tulis nama, ic,car  reg.number, company name,  person to meet, favourite food etc etc.And they also requires you to tinggalkan ic or driving license or anything as long as ada your name and photo.Tapi tak pasti pulak whether kad nikah JAIS or JAWI diterima or not yer!

so i pun tulis tulis the form and bagi kat pakcik guard tu, together with my driving license. And that pakcik tu kejap tengok i and kejap tengok my lesen,tengok i; tengok lesen…. (pakcik… you’re not GAY rite!!!!!me neither)

And he said…. encik… maaflah yer.. pakcik ingat encik ni chinese… melayu rupanya.



One Response to “malaysian made;chinese look”

  1. hu’alohHHH….bechii ah….nok oyat kokrey dia tu putih lah tu…..bechi….kentut busyuk gakkk…hehehehehe

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