to you…with love

Being a marketing cum despatch guy, i have the chance to travel to most states in this country.And being constantly on the road,i always have the opportunity to makan luar. (I’m talking about foods okeh) Along amat fussy about foods, tak sedap tak makan and kalau I kata sedap, means it really sedap.I’m not being memilih abt lauk etc it just that they way it masak must kena to my taste.Ikan goreng with sambal belacan is more than enuf for me…it just that ikan tu kena goreng just nice, not overcooked nor under.

So, kalau i makan at stalls, let say nasi goreng, if tak sedap i  will just makan a few sudu and thats it. Teruk kan…. ngeh ngeh ngeh.

Jadi kalau the food is good i akan makan sampai licin ler.And i would take mental note apa yang sedap and kat mana.For my tastebud,  the best mee bandung is infront of Mobil in Bangi.Seafood is in Bagan Lalang (much better than Muara) chicken chop is in Selayang.Nasi berlauk is in Seri gombak and so on.

One of my habit is i would bring maklong to enjoy the said food bila i free.So she could also rasa the bestest food yang i dah makan.Ada one day few weeks ago, i brought a client to a japanese food in the curve.It was super sedap and i really mean it.As i was a bit free last night, i sms her, lets dating tonight. To us dating means its just me and her going out.Askar askar sumer dok umah.So we could go out for dinner,bowling,movies or just window shopping without having to scream.

So last night it was japs for us.

Masa nak balik tu….. as i was nak bayar toll.It was miss Toll Gate Girl who were incharge.I smile and she smile cuma this time dia suddenly became more friendlier…. baru balik bang. dari mana bang and such……

Bila keter nak gerak jer there were a sharp pain on my shoulder…. kena tumbuk!!!!

OOOO NGORAT AWEK YERRRRRRR……….. and keluarlah muncung itik trade mark dia itu….

ngeh ngeh ngeh….dah tua tua pun jeles lagi ker….

I love you so much.


3 Responses to “to you…with love”

  1. sgt bertuah ada org jeles. sangat disayangikan??

  2. that sweetttt….

  3. abanglong Says:

    ale- mekasih 🙂

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