see you soon

Category: Life

i went to the airport today; to fetch the folks frm a vacation. actually the siblings or rather their ‘products’ of almost 40 yrs of hubby and wife shared the airfare;the hotel and such.

it was a gift for them: fathers and mothers day

to mum and dad; should you ever read this blog (somehow i pray you not!! hahaha)

-i never really expressed literally how much you guys means to me;infact i’ve forgotten when was the last time i say i love you to any of you

-i’ve done the worst things in life and yet; both of you were always there right beside me- scolding me and yet were still hug me as your tears slowly drippin

-i’ve been the most arrogant son; i never really bother to call or to say hi or just ask mum whats cookin….


i do REALLY love you.even it is always unexpressed.i would do anything for you (just mention it coz i’m bad at kiasan kiasan).i will always try to follow things u’ve teached me.i wont do stuff i know you wouldnt like ( errr sometimes can laaa okieee) i wish i could hug and kiss u more often…..

i sometimes wish that i never grew up.

GOD…. please love them as much as they love me when i was their tiny little boy

please keep them in their best health….

and please;let them know that i’m so damn lucky to be their son.


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