the ultimate driving machine;finger licking good;boh…ada umphh;daiyaa….lupakaaan yang lain;now everybody can fly; HP... when computers are personal again;nokia..connecting people;digi…its time to change……

those were taglines that shouts everysingle day in our lives.companies use that tagline to somehow makes ppl remebers them over their competitors;using that such some sort of marketing strategy. and it do works rite!

i also wanted to join the bandwith….i also want to find a suitable tagline for my company.. untung besar sendirian berha ni. well my company is an engineering company doing designs for automotive;electronics;f n b,consumer products and etc.we designs their machines for their assembly line;their productions, their quality controls,safety area and so on. we also provide machining upgrade, part replacements; technical advisory and many many more things that they requires. we also custom made their parts and fixtures. so; basically you have an idea what i’m doing daily rite.

the competition is damn huge and fierce.besides price war was scary.so in order to be on top; we had to squeeze our balls hard and work the smartest way.we had to ensure the top notch quality with timely delivery WITH the right price.we also had to maintain a super good relationship with the persons in charge and we also had to take care their needs.some crazy requests and so on ( recently one of my clients asked me to find him a house to rent!)

and i was thinking; my tagline….


OKAY KA??????

send in your comments plz…..


4 Responses to “tagline”

  1. you tagline sut for blog title or novel ler… not for your engineering company lahhh… cari ler yang look familiar and professional skit!

    before i stop practising i was IP lawyer. so i alwis do a public search in MYPO for trademark. mcm2 tagline has been register in our country… yang pelik2 pun ada you!

    so u better check whether your tagline ni dah ada org register or not! kang tak pasal kena saman…

  2. Better than your exs..kalau tade ex’s tatau plak nak measure…uhuhu…

  3. yup i think it suits us…better than your exs….. ngeh ngeh ngeh

  4. We Are Better!

    We Surely Better!

    Better Than The Best!

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