miss effa ro giey

for those who remembers the effa rogiey things (kat sini, sini, dan sini)

basically she had awarded us lots of projects even we’re so very new to her company and we were basically a small company.according to her; her boss prefers our company due to the quality of our products, the delivery and the services.

the services……

being in the business lines; i need to make a good relationship with the clients.its normal and its just business. apparently this so called effa ro giey really spins my head!!

i need to be very nice to her company and particularly her because she is the window person.she is the one who makes decision to order or award the contracts.she had the power to influence her bosses to select which and which company to do this or that.to date; total amount of projects that were awarded to us could easily buy a nice huge corner lot in my residential area.

her company is a very very important client to us!

many many occasions she’d shown ‘interest’ in ‘other than business’ to/with/at me. for example; once she said  that she wanted to audit my company. well, always i do welcome visits from the client as they can have a first hand information about my company and our capabilities.she told me to pick her up from her office on one SATURDAY AFTERNOON! it was not her working day though!! luckily the plan was cancelled last minute due to some urgency and she need to travel abroad.

and many many more hints and clues that i as a normal guy could ‘understand’ the hidden meanings……

well, i might be wrong and i might be the perasan one (which i hope its tru… thus makes my life and business easier)

it seems that she is somehow interested in me (ngeh ngeh ngeh….perasannya aku hahahahaha) i hope she didnt get me wrong.all the calls, emails, sms, were purely business… i do the same things to each and every clients i have. i do calls them once a while, i do wish them on their birthdays (i learn this trick from the seminar….get their birthdate from their HR and send card,sms or call on their birthdays!), i do borak about life and such; i do make jokes; i do listen to their problems and so on…. and i honoured them as a friend.i will try all my best to help them if they were in trouble.i will….

there’s no such personal special treatment to her…

tapi dia looks like ‘semacaaaam’ jer.

that really worries me. should i berterus terang to her?  well the great risk is there! if dia thinks i’m the one that perasan its somehow ok.but if she really somehow ‘suker’ kat aku…. then i spells disaster.i dont like to hurt peoples feeling!!! she might kuciwa and terminates all those projects… naya!

but..if i go on berdrama…. nanti ujud kisah cinta kolestrol…. aku lagi susah!!!!

so macamana ?????


3 Responses to “miss effa ro giey”

  1. wowwww…. hold on! hold on….

    susah juga ni… ditelan mati emak, diluah mati bapak. nak cakap salah, tak cakap lagi salah.

    eh you be carefull… bukan apa, takut u ‘tersuka’ sama plak. Naya!!!

    kalau i, i layan jer… coz im single. hehehe 🙂 kalau i jadi u, i layan jer but put a gap and dont be too close… takut DIA syok sendiri plak.

  2. Tunjukkan kewarakan dan bertapa happily married are u…

  3. assalamualaikum. terima kasih datang ke blog kak long

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