janGan tiru macam saya!

i went to the machine exhibition in pwtc after the friday prayer.i’m looking for some tools for my kilang and i’m planning to purchase some new machines.the exhibition is a very right place to visit as lots of machine suppliers were there and we can get lots of new info and also you might bump into your future business contacts there….

though there were skin clad sexy ladys smiling and hands you the cataloges there, the place were always packed with lots of guys… yeah, man and machines… kononnya la.its a yearly event and i rarely miss that.

it was a long que at the registration counter.macam nak beli tiket bas balik raya! but i’m a bit lucky as i got the VIP pass from a friend.just give the super friendly lady the name card and the pass, wait in the lounge and they will do all the registration stuff for you… ( ermmmm, kat dunia boleh la rite…. kat akhirat besok ?)

the exhibition basically is a pasar malam for  machines and toolings used in engineering lines. booths occupied by the vendors displaying various kinds of stuffs and things.some will do ‘sales’ there… kind of sale macam kat jusco. 10% 20% 30% discounts.beli ni percuma tu… beli dua percuma beg plastik and such. some booth will display latest technologies from overseas. some booth occupied by international vendors looking for business assc in malaysia.

i stop at one of the booth selling CNC machine.there i met an ol fren of mine.having not meeting him for about 5 years.he is the MD of the company. i remembers that he got more hair masa i last jumpa dia hehehehehe.

dari jauh he smiles and greets me.. halloooo adi.. long time no see… whoaaa you doesnt change aaahhh!!

moral of story… aku nampak muda! wakakakakakakaka

cerita punya cerita… there’s one particular machine that impress me.suits to my company needs.very precise and durable. list price was 228K.if fully utilised the machine, it could generate good income for the company.the machining rate is abt rm60-70 per hour…. so kalau everyday run 18 hours…. ermmmmmmmm.i do some mental calculation… installment is abt 7k.gaji machinist is abt 3k,plus  tooling  api air and  other cos s is abt 11k monthly to maintain it.if i could get it running for 10hrs daily taking a rate of rm65 per hour its rm650 per day x 26 day… the company still can gain some profit rite.

adi… kawan lama punya pasai i give u special harga… 190k!

adi  talking to himself………….


do i buy it??? NO


y dont u ask for a bank loan? CANT

y? damn CTOS!!!!!!!

y?i was a gurentor to a friend car loan


so machines yg ada kat kilang u now u pay cash? NO

then how ? pocket money? daddy kasi?? NO

then? creditcard!




3 Responses to “janGan tiru macam saya!”

  1. Yelah… memamg cilakak itu CTOS!

  2. owhhh..itu pengakhirannya dgn unta ye..all d best, yea rezeki di mana2…InsyaAllah u will be ok…back to your feet…

  3. dugong… yeah.. aku tidak berdosaaaaa hehehehe

    arsaili: well cerita panjang klu nak dengar 3 hari 3 malam hehe.but summary ada dalam blogs. salam raya mate…

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