new machine

during my visits to the machine exhibition i met with one of the machine supplier.basically he is the one who supplied the machines to me during my days with that Unta. over coffe i told him that i need a few new machines for my new place. told him about the CNC machine that i love but cant afford hehehe. talked about new technologies and business challenges. talk about opportunities and backstabbing… talk about women and talk about cars.

last thursday he rang my cell… u need that machine?

yeahhh of course

well i have one ex stock.i can deliver to you next week

wait… i dont have any cash at the moment…let alone to pay the machine

ayyyaaaa ady…. wa pecaya lu punya…dont worry la.!!!

and thank God. I got the machine on last monday. well, its not the CNC though.its a manual machine but still it will improve my strength.

  • i got the machine without any downpayments whatsoever
  • he deliver the machine without discussing the price (but i knew he gave me the good offer)
  • i dont need to apply bank loans
  • we yet to discuss the monthly payments…
  • its all base on trust!

 he told me, when i’m free just drop over his office to sign the documents and discuss the payment terms….

Thank you Allah….


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