rezeki itu datang dari Allah…

Lately, i’m very the busy untuk siapkan order a simple machine ordered by a company.I need to complete almost 600 unit of it.So, we had to work siang malam,saturday sundays and such.No cuti for us.But rezeki jangan ditolak rite….

What i want to share this morning is I got a call from Mr.Syed (his real name nih hehehe) from a well known company, lets call it Sapinah Automotive. Well this Sapinah Automotive ni is a prominent player in the automotive industries.I also done some business with their sister company previously.Sapinah is one of Unta’s major clients.Unta had served this company for quite sometimes.The business is good as the constantly order things from ‘us’ dulu.

Mr.Syed ni is one of the bosses there. He called me and tanya, Ady.. I dengar u dah separate with Unta.He wanted to know why.

I just said that we were expanding and both of us need more space.So separatelah.

He said….. thats not what he dengar!!

I said.. well…….

And he said; I dont care about that.I need you to come here as we have lots of things to do and we were pissed off with unta!

to unta if u happen to read this….

this is business had made me suffer by ‘kidnapping’ effa ro gieys trust to badmounth me and my company to her company and to other clients.some believe your story but some smart fella didnt. the smart people who can think wisely can judge and can make assumptions.action speaks louder than word dude!

i’m so very sorry if my company overshadows you at Sapinah Automotive.I’m so very sorry if any of your other clients will call me to do business instead of you.And i’m sorry i disappoint you as you’ve said to other peoples out there…… PADAN MUKA SI ADY… AKU DAH BUANG DIA.DIA TAK BOLEH HIDUP PUNYA… TAK LAMA LAGI MAMPUS LAA COMPANY DIA TU…TENGOKLAH.

In God we trust my fren!



4 Responses to “rezeki itu datang dari Allah…”

  1. Allah the Almighty… setiap kejahatan sure akan reveal satu hari you go…rezeki tak ke mana…

  2. thanks arsaili.. Allah sentiasa makbulkan doa orang orang yang terainaya…. amin.

  3. Salam Abang Long…
    Tak pernah jumpa orang sejahat tu sebenarnya. Takat curi duit tambang bas dalam beg duit tu pernahlah. Tak balik kampung kita dibuatnya masa tu. Kalau OD jadi Abang Long, OD lepuk je kepala dia tu. Alah… buat naya kat orang, tak ke mananya dia… tengoklah nanti.

  4. org mcm ni mmg ada abglong. mmg specis ni tak ramai, tp bila ada ‘menyusahkan’ sume org. DIA jer ler malaikat kat sini, kita semua DEVIL but not wear PRADA… hehehe!

    biarkan dia, one day org akan tau siapa yang betul. lagi byk dia mengata org, lagi byk keburukan dia yang org lain nampak… TRUST ME! its hapen to me maaa…

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