effa ro giey

i got a short mail from effa ro giey today. it was sent from her office around 7pm yesterday.it makes me smile :). dont get me wrong…. read on!

as my phone were blockedduring raya; i used another number to send sms selamat hari raya to all my clients, including this effa ro giey. she never reply.

after hari raya; i send email to her- she never reply until today.

she only scolds and show her rudeness when i was at her office.

well, she got the power and somehow unta already kawtim her.

takperlah… takder rezeki with her but i still maintaince a very good relationship with her bosses and budak budak bawah dia.i still got the business from them somehow.

i got one final job from effa which she gave me before raya. and frankly… i really dah tak minat nak buat her job tu.i really frustrated with her attitude.i dah nekad, takpa biar i rugi skit.takmo deal ngan that kind of unprofesional stuff. hehehehe.

but her boss called me last week and mintak tolong i siapkan all those stuff.he said if i tak buat and tak siap, the gonna be in trouble as their clients is coming for audit and they dont have the enuf time to engage another supplier to continue my stuff tu. i told him that i could make it and siapkan by saturday.effa called me on wednesday and she gave me a short sharp note… siapkan by friday or i terminate you.

apparently; she somehow dah promise unta that if i couldnt siap by friday; my company will be terminated and unta will get the job.basically it is impossible to siap by friday.i dont know whether unta dah start buat or not but i pulun lah nak siapkan that things.

unta and gangs dah siap declare kat some of my suppliers  that they would get the job once i failed!!!!

after friday prayers; i called one of the guys kat sana; mintak extend. he said to me, take your time ady, its already overdue but they gonna need the things on monday so i can deliver either on saturday or sunday. malam tu i balik 6 pagi!!! siapkan that things.

nak jadi cerita; pukul 5 they (effa and the coll..) ada internal meeting on that friday.she did a big mistake by mentioning and persistantly demand that my company terminated if i couldnt deliver the stuff by 5 30.she also sms me;deliver by 5 30 or i terminate…. hehehe. that triggers some unexplainable questions to her bosses and colleagues. why this effa beria ia nak terminate me.and why she couldnt tunggu untill saturday.so on and so on.

she lost the battle and end up with tears.

what i dengar from them:

her immidiate boss: told her that after this; she just concentrate internal things, berkaitan dengan suppliers and such- let the purchasing and him to decide.

effa dah ilang taring!!!

and today i read her ‘friendlier’ mail…….

i smile- bersandar kat my chair.close my eyes. def leppard- love bites in my Ipod.


10 Responses to “effa ro giey”

  1. work ethics: doing things the right way may slow down progress but it’ll ensure success. making short cuts will only widen holes of failure.

    Allah melindungi rezeki hambanya yg jujur. this is what happened in your case. unta & effa yg rugi. they deserved it.


  2. but baik,di balas baik, buat jahat jgn sekali

  3. but i cant help but to wonder, is there any posibility these unta, or effa wud have any chance to know by reading ur blog?

  4. syana:word of wisom- jangan potong que nanti kena saman!!! ngehngehngeh. thanks anyway.

    sabrina: all these while i mostly keep quite with them.segala ketidak puasan hati,kesedihan and such diluahkan dalam blog ini.in case they read…well what i wrote is what i felt base from what they did.aiman tak kisah!!!!!!

  5. wahh.. lama tak ke sini, mcm mcm cite dah berlaku.

    wut goes around comes around. sian penjahat itu. huhuhu..

  6. caya lah abglong…

    i dah agak one day ‘dia org’ sure kena balik… see wat hapen now…

    i wonder apa yang UNTA tell effa until she trun 360 degree from you… apa dia ckp ek? the way she re-act look like someting personal kan… emmmm…

  7. erni…. hahahaha. bukan penjahat; PHD lebih jerrrr tuu.

    farzilah : i just berdoa… moga Tuhan tunjukkan jalan yg lurus.

  8. Rezeki datangnya dari Allah …

  9. pB dan rakan rakan readers semua… doakan moga abanglong berjaya. luv u all

  10. muahahahaha…devil laugh lak..org teraniya nih besar daulat(betui ker term nih) dia… doa banyak2

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