office rumbles

phone line

still tak up lagi.tensioooooon


after lunch i got a meeting with a new client.this company produces something yg i never deal with.normally i only serve electronics and automotive sectors and today i’m gonna meet someone in construction line.they produce somethings used to built houses and buildings.who knows, i could provide my services and expertise there!!wish me luck my friends.


damn tight effa’s company only paid me half of what they owe me.already paid the staffs salaries and some of the suppliers and subcons.tinggal laa 3 ringgit. hwahwahwa….


–cakap biar betul, kata biar kota!-


2 Responses to “office rumbles”

  1. begitu lah hidup abanglong…

  2. hehe biasalah doc…. cuma ramai yg salah anggap dgn orang business nih, they all tengok bila dah berjaya dan berkereta besar and so on… most of them tak tau bagaimana sengsaranya utk mencapai tahap ittew…

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