million dollar question…

i’m still in the office. the internet and the phone line finally back to normal. thank god.

all the staffs had gone home. malam jumaat neh…. wakakakaka.. balik baca yasin daaaa

well, i’ve finished the offer letters to them. baru sempat buat. disamping syarat syarat biasa sesebuah syarikat; i’ve added some things that i felt appropriate..just to make them happy and work harder..among other things that i’ve planned for them is

  • they entitled a free leave on their birthdays
  • they entitled a free leave on their spouse birthday-limited to ONE spouse
  • they entitled to a free leave on their anniversaries
  • each and every staff that worked here; tak kira pangkat or jantina; will be entitled 30% of company NETT profit.anually. the profit will be equally divided among them.
  • the company have the very right to ammends all those above

good ehhh hehehehe

i was thinking about my friends offer…. one million ringgit over six month span. the company will get stronger and bigger in no time beb!

its the question of prinsipal

its the question of whats right whats wrong

its the question of dog eat dog world

its a business decission

its damn hard to say no yet to say yes…..


i somehow think i know what i should answer..

keep posted!

-nak makan singgey dagin aaa rasanya!! hehehehehe


5 Responses to “million dollar question…”

  1. free leave on my birthday..i so want that. 🙂

    i know the staffs of allianz bank are entitled for leave on their birthday.

    and scrap off the last one..hihihi

  2. wowwww… that gud! free leave on my birthday?… best sehhh… bf birthday dapat free leave tak abglong? hehehe 🙂

    but the last clause tu kureng skit… a safe cluase for the management to amend the benefit. cehhhhhh!!!

  3. walktru life: my company will promote semangat kekeluargaan hehehehe. one of the way to appr. the staff though

    farzilah- hahaha malam sket. clause last tu musti ada.hahahaha. tak gitu cik lawyer!!

  4. hmm.. ada keja kosong tak selain pembancuh kopi?

    bila nak ada sessi kaunseling ni?

  5. pembancuh kopi ? hehehe i buat my own coffe 🙂

    sessi kaunseling ? bisa ajaa dong

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