aim high…but prepare the worst

got a call from the machine supplier just now.they apparently changed their mind and insist me on paying some downpayment for the machine that i need.reasons…. ermmm let just say that they just need to be done that way!  they said they could send me the machine tomorrow if i put a 50% downpayment! giler ker aperr…. baik aku letak downpayment utk 320i highline tuh!!! if i got the money lah kan.

omg….. i’ve already planned my things.tomorow the machine should arrive and i’ve informed the said customer that they can visit and audit my factory next in january the jobs would be coming in and they can test our capabilities during this december.

plan B.

i called another machine supplier. his machine is slightly higher than the previous one.different brand maah. after long discussion, his term even worse. he asked me to pay his company 5k each month untill the loan approve.i said 5k is too much….

looks like i’m not getting any machine soon.arghhhh….what to do???

without that machine i’m gonna loose a customer with an average 50k monthly project.

that’s more than half a million ringgit annually.

i’m feeling down!

i am.


8 Responses to “aim high…but prepare the worst”

  1. oh dear! that is a problem. come on abanglong … there must be a way to get this done.

    i pray that you find a way. good luck!

  2. abglong,
    sabar lah… mmg adat dunia perniagaan mcm gitu. ari ni nampak cam ok, esok belum tentu lagi. trust me, they must be a way… doa pada Allah, moga dapat petunjuk dariNya…

    tu jer yang i mampu katakan…

  3. down sikit sikit dah always..nnti adalah plan c..

  4. syana, farzilah

    thanks… abanglong pun dah ponin ni haa.. tapi ella pajilla beshh.. papa takder uit ekk.. papa pegi lerr kat mecin tekantekan tuuu (ATM machine) nanti kuor aaa uit…

  5. dbi
    mekasih doc. plan c at the moment takder agi.tapi esok rasa rasa nak MC boley ? hehehe

    to all who didnt know this DBI he authors an excellent blog
    checkit out; just makesure type bilikini and bukannya bikini!!

  6. wow..ada promosi kat sini…jgn anto bil iklan sudah ler..hehehe..terima kasih abglong..

  7. hehehe!

    same with my sis masa dia kecik2 dulu…


    akak tak der duit adik, cam na nak bayar?
    she will reply,
    bayar dgn tangan lah…

    budak ini ingat kita bagi tangan kosong apa…

  8. dbi : hehehe promosi musim bah!
    farzilah- ni musti pi beli gula2 or cikedis neh.. ngehngehngeh

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