i came across one news in the papers.beginning next year, toll system in klang valley will be using gantry system.maybe the same system used in spore maybe. well, for a start its quite a good move since there were always long ques at the toll both during peak hours. smartag doesnt helps much either as its damn slow like siput.


in order to get that system/unit. of course we had to purchase another one rite! duit lagi. dah ler smartag ni cost rm100. mana nak buang? i remember one time dulu, i was using the tag issued by kesas highway. its small and it doesnt use any battery.doesnt have interference with tinted windows and such. the battery is recharged during u reload the tag value.then our minister insist on using only one operator.sumer had to use the smartag tu.if i’m not mistaken, the kesas one uses the more advance RFID technology whilst the smartag uses the old infra red.

and the kesas operator buy back all those tags.

talk about customer satisfaction rite.

and then we need to buy another tag for the gantry system. how much ? how efficient ? how fast ??

its still a mystery

well, i guess i’ll be missing my cute toll gate girl then!



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