the entry has been deleted…..



7 Responses to “fate”

  1. someone sent you that messege? i find it very disturbing …

  2. what happened? i’m sorry abanglong … it was only my opinion.

  3. askm…abanglong…mekasih singgah blog saya….datang darimana tu?…heheh

  4. syana: no worries. no harm done 🙂

  5. faridah.. erkkkk…. dok klik klik klik klik… hehehe

  6. salam bang long…thn ni buat korban ker…sy dh byk buat pengorbanan tahun ni..ekekeke

  7. AbangLong
    agreed with your reasons. That’s what I always tell those people who ask about Hari Raya Aidil Adha in east coast.. Plus, it’s the gotong royong among the family and those who do the korban that makes this Hari Raya Haji is happening there compared to, say, in KL…

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