spy cam video

A friend of mine show me the clips of recent famous spy cam video clips that shut down a political career of somoene superior.Total clips was about 30 minutes with lots of image katil kosong.

Action wise was just a few minutes…

But those few minutes of fun, causes a beyond predicted damage.

But its politic rite…

Same as in business!



3 Responses to “spy cam video”

  1. wahhh… u pun tgk ekkk… i tak sampai ati nak tgk ler… but according to friend who see that action… its…… NO Comment!!!!
    but kesian ler kan, a few minute fun… hilang semua… cam gelap masa depan…

  2. thought you want to forward it to me? erm….

  3. farzilah : tu ler, berhati hati dijalan raya….ngehngehngeh

    shai : nope, i dont have it and i dont want to have it

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