weekend series

scene 1

few days back, i called an ol friend. saja call sambil nak tunggu my son balik tuition. then he said, adi.. nasib baik kau called. aku cuba call hp kau tapi takdapat ( unta used my ol number… remember!) he told me that his friend, doing oil and gas stuff is looking for a vendor to supply them custom made parts for oil and gas industries. cumanya his friend now ada kat one of the oil rigs in kertih. nanti bila dia balik, he will arrange the meeting to meet his friend tu…. alhamdulillah.

scene 2

ari jumaat, after prayers;i got an urgent order from client. dia punya designer salah design some items and kena buat baru. called me tanya i boleh siapkan or not. i said okeh. kena siapkan tugas itu; i tidur kat opish last nite….

pagi – around 10 am deliver to him.

he shake my hand… and said, thanks adi. while he look str8 to my eyes.

i knew he was sincere!

scene 3

sunday. morning i was at clients place to install the machine. ahad pun kena keja beb. dad called, told me that they will come over this wed. asked me to fetch them at the airport.

i said… okeh. nak mai jumpa pak lah ka??? nak mintak jadi calon kaa???

dad just gelak… paklah dah bagi KJ lerrrr.

oooooooo….. gituuuu kaaaa!

scene 4

i’m quite tense lately, effa things, workloads, financial things, kilang and so on.cooking somehow is a theraphy to me.i cook meehon goreng for dinner. (some tips; rebus some daging and guna the air rebus tu masuk dalam meehon tu) goreng satu pack.the kids love it, i goreng satu bungkus,sekali serang jer…abiss.

masa tengok csi, wife told me. she had a chat with the maid dulu. the maid said, bapak masak memang enak sekali… tapi, dapurnya ya ampuun.. ribut sekali!!

i ketawa… cheh, nak kena potong gaji neh… komplen boss. miahahahaha


4 Responses to “weekend series”

  1. ahaks… just admit that… man can be a good cook but the mess… ya rabbi….

  2. hehehehe……

  3. hehehe…. biasa ler tu, org jantan masuk dapur… mmg ribut sehhhh….

  4. farzilah – i luv to cook 🙂

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