in bed with effa

i got a call from effa’s office, asking me to come for an urgent meeting pertaining to the payment things. its not effa who called but one of her anak i made the preparation, collect all the evidence, PO,Invoices,DO and all.

During the meeting, her boss, her officer, account officer, and purchasing officer was there.she were there walaupun lambat turun. everybody bentangkan their cases and hujah and so on. backed by all the documents, i was superior in that meeting. yer la, ada invoice bulan 7 effa still simpan buat pekasam. tu yg aku hangin tuuuu.

ding dong ding dong… they promised to settle everything. but since the amount is already quite high, the will pay in stages. starting from next month. NEXT MONTH!!!! cheh

Apparently, my outburst that day create some phenomena inside there. hahahaha. adi the mr cool guy mengamuk kat office hahahahahaha. they doesnt want the higher management to know… biasalah, nak jaga telor masing masing walaupun ada yang tak bertelor tu.

so, its safe to say that they already doing some things to make those payments.i had to accept their terms ie partial payments. klu aku bising agi,kang takmo bayar, mampusss!

but, i said to them, i will monitor and wants to be informed from time to time.i dont want to beg for this things ever again. i told them that if these things do happens, you talk to my lawyer. hehehe (padahal nak bayor lawyer pun tak mampu neh)

case is temporarily closed.

masa shake hands, i told effa, sorry sbb bising2. she said nothing, just nod her head. hehehe, nak wat camana kan, business is business.

doakan moga they do what they promise.

in bed with effa? alamaaak salah type tu… sepatutnya in meeting with effa. miahahahahahaha

on the way back i listen to akon -lonely.


10 Responses to “in bed with effa”

  1. alhamdulillah
    dapat jugak payment tu ….

    apa kaitan eFfA dengan lagu LoneLY tu ????

  2. garang jugak abanglong ni eh!

  3. pB : alhamdulillah. tapi they will start bayor next month. means this month and last month i takdo payments…adesssss.
    affa and Lonely ? hehehe takder kaitan apa apa.saja nak dengar jer. miahahaha

    neeza – garang ker? hehehehe

  4. hehehe… title mmg gempak… in BED with effa.
    cantik sgt ker cik effa ni abglong?
    so un professional… wat to do… when ‘LUV’ turn to…

  5. Amboi catching headlines nampak…. thought u settle on bed with her la tadi… muehehehehe….

  6. garang bertempat takpe abanglong, jangan garang tak tentu pasal.. takut laaa… 🙂

  7. farzilah – effa cantik ker tak? well no comments lah hehehe

    shai – hahahahahaha..bahayoooo tuuuuu

  8. neeza – tengok la pic abglong… nampak ayu kaan, manada muka garang! miaahahaha

  9. huh… rasa geram gak kat effa tu. klu wat keje betul2 takde sampai nak bermeeting in bed … oops, silap … bermeeting2 camtu sekali. tak ke buang masa? sudahnya bayar in stages … bila taun abih nye tuh?

  10. violet – PHD, sajer jer nak susah kan idup kami ler kot. payment in stages ni, entahler berapa lama baru nak abiss. i ada tanya pasal interest charge due to late payment, they said TARAK

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