sex theraphy

lately, i had many sleeples nights.i’ve to design new projects;i’ve to think about management of the company; the planning the future and so on.And mostly the things that kept my eyes wide open in the silence of the nights was the financial blues.

last night; at about 3 am, i’m still infront of this laptop.staring at the blank inventor page. i cant proceed with the design as my mind went blank. the financial woes already at a very very alarming stage and nothing i can do about the afternoon, i recieved a call from effa’s officer and when i asked about my paycheck, she said that the boss had gone to Japan and will be back in three weeks… damn!!!

i cant do more.and its really frustrated and that kept me awake.

came the wife, hug me from behind and asked me why i still didnt sleep…

and she whispered : come to bed, i give you the remedy!

hoh…..i woke up at 10 this morning! miahahahahahahahaha

inventor – a three dimensional design software i use to design those machines.pirate copy of coz.


10 Responses to “sex theraphy”

  1. abang long x dpt lagi duit dr betina tu ke?
    bengang nye tun……….

  2. uish sabaq tunteja….

    erm… sex therapy ek… no wonder la senyap jer that nite… ekekekek

  3. abaaaannggg looooonggg…happy nampak!

  4. errr..berapa sesi therapy perlu buat abglong???..matiler ineseng

  5. lamanyeeee sex therapy!!! heheeee…

  6. belum dapat duit tu lagi?…. baca ni pun naik geram, walaupun takde kene mengena… bukan susah sgt nak prepare cheque tu… apa kata abg long sound direct je kat effa tu.. saja nak menyeksa orang tu namanye..

  7. abanglong Says:

    tun – lom… sebab tu nak cari C4 neh hehehe

    shai – that night ? hermmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  8. abanglong Says:

    waliz – abglong alwiz heppi hehehehe…. thats y awet muda ..miahahahahahaha

    dbi – wakakaka.satu sessi dah cukup dah Doc. satisfaction gurenteed miahahahaha

    neeza – alah biasa laaa…. ramai pendatang asing.. kena berhati hati dijalan raya loor

  9. abanglong Says:

    yanglerni – entah apa yang mereka dapat dengan cara menyusahkan hidup orang lian… hanya mereka dan keluarga mereka yang tahu….

  10. wowwww…. thats gud!
    bila effa tu nak bayar duit abglong?… lamanya… hantar jer LOD abglong…

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