gps navigation : balik kampung trip

For those who had read my previos entry about the gps navigator, here is what that baby reported during my recent trip from kampung back to kl


time :09:07 that means the total journey was 9 hours and 7 minutes.yeah… its jamned.macam balik raya.many cars

distance :475 means we travelled 475km from my parents home to my house in kl

destination:0.4 means it still 0.4km to my home. we stop at a burger stall nearby

speed max :154 means the most lajustest i drove was 154km/h

speed avg:52 means average speed was only 54 km/h. calculated base on time and distance i think

date/time : present time masa tu.

coordinate : its the longitud and latitud of my current location at that time. blurred purposely hehehe.if not u can pin point my home maaah!

elevation :74 means i’m at the 74m above sea level.

pretty cool eh!


this the pic how this thing attached to the front screen. a very useful gadget i would say 🙂


9 Responses to “gps navigation : balik kampung trip”

  1. ni nak kene saman ni, bawak lebih had laju….

  2. kenapa blurkan? nanti boleh datang raya…hehehe

  3. wah best le benda ni.. tp kalo bwk laju mcm ala kantoi le plak heheh

  4. abanglong Says:

    shai – hehehe.polis sibuk jaga undi lerrrr

    waliz – kena blurr… nanti ramai mintak utang!miaahahahahaha

  5. abanglong Says:

    darling – hehehe, its just for personal reference 🙂

  6. emmm… im still use the old time… a pice of paper with hand writing and map from friend… still works! but donno le bila mau sampai…
    tak der uwait nak beli that gadjet abglong… nak tunggu bonus bulan 6 ni… hehehe!

  7. abanglong Says:

    farzilah – takder la mahal benda ni, about rm1700 jer. banyak membantu hehehe

  8. Farzilah Says:

    eh mahal tu… better i beli makeup ker, p shopping ker, holiday ker…saving dalam trus fund ker… hehehe

  9. […] the previous entry about the trip is here […]

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