lesson well learnt

Being in business since year 2000 changes me a lot. I learned so many things about life and much more things about business.I’ve encountered many episodes that somehow teached me nasty lessons in life. I’ve met different kind of people with different kind of interest and needs.

Last month, a client assigned me a new project.Its a design project which requires me to design some machine to produce engine parts for the new CAMPRO engine productions.I took the challenge and i planned my time to design it. Late night sleeps and more time spent infront of this laptop.

Last week, i submitted my final designs after various modifications and improvements.I also submitted my quotations.For the quotations, i do calculate design time,raw materials, manufacturing costs,transportations,standard parts,installations, modifications and of course add some profit.Let say i qoute them 20K per unit. They need several unit of it.With that 20K it already covered everything and i get some nice profit.Okay la rite

Today they called me for a meeting.The first thing the boss told me was; Adi hang makan nasik lauk aper??

I laugh and said biasa jer lah. naper.? (sib baik aku tak jawab makan voodo hehehe)

Apsal kau punya harga murah sangat ?

And he mumbles about everything….. cost,minyak,profit,race,quality,delivery,samy vellu,customer satisfaction bla bla bla

He gave back my quotation and sharply dictated..

kau balik, kira balik harga kau and besok kau masuk quotation lain.harga ni murah sangat.takkan kau nak makan nasik ngan air jer!

adusss….. alhamdulillah. camni punya customer pun ada! hehehe.

Pening gak… kat mana nak tambah tambah neh!


6 Responses to “lesson well learnt”

  1. samy vellu tu releven lagi ke adi?? hehehehe

  2. sebab orang lain charge tinggi sangat la tu.. nanti pelik la pulak kot.. hehehe.. rezeki tu adi.. jadi, apa tunggu lagi.. tambah laa.. bolh makan nasik lauk unta lak.. hehehe

  3. abanglong Says:

    shai – miahahahahaha. no comments 🙂

    neeza – yer la, klu harga terlampau rendah nanti management ingat we all tak tau buat keja. unta tu masak lomak cili padi yer 🙂

  4. hehehe… bagusnya… boleh tambah2 lagi price ek…

  5. abanglong Says:

    farzilah – yup, kena tambah… wink wink..ekod 08 moahahahaha

  6. […] remember that i wrote a few entries before that i was on a project to design some machine to produce new part for the national car. its here. […]

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