selamat tinggal semua

My fellow friends, bloggers and beloved readers.

I wish to announce that I would no longer be around here in about two weeks time. This is a very tough decision ever made towards me. I wish I could stay much longer but it seems that, withdrew is the best and only option here.The days are numbered and I’m scared that these few weeks especially the last few days would be so chaotic to me.Thats the reason I announced it today.Maybe some of you had heard about this but maybe u decide to keep it for yourself for your own personal reason; I do respect you for that.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for the utmost kind support that you had given to me for all these years. Please know that I really love each and every single moment we spent together even my face is rarely be seen.

I would like to apologize to each and everyone of you for all my wrongdoings. I might had disappointed some of you in many circumstances and I might had not be good enough in time you need me the most. i’m so sorry, I wish I could do more; but honestly, I cant.

Most of you might not realize or menyedari kehilangan insan kerdil ini. Namun do know that this insan kerdil ini telah cuba sedaya upaya untuk mengembirakan, menceriakan dan membantu setakat terdaya di saat anda semua memerlukan. Maybe I’m not that  bernilai or so beharga to you, but do know that I really really appreciate our so called relationship. Trust me, I’ve tried my best….

Do know that I will miss you all. I really am and I really mean it. I hope your life would be as normal as possible even without me around. And please send my regards to all your loved ones, your family and friends.

I love you all… sayonara!

 photo0280.jpg conjuction with the termination of one cent coints effective 1st April 2008.


6 Responses to “selamat tinggal semua”

  1. ehehe tak baca sampai habis lagi mmg dah agak dah abanglong ni tipu2 aje. dah byk kali abanglong buat mcm ni. taktik dah basi la hehehe

  2. hahaha!! tgk tu… orang tak percaya abanglong nak berenti heheheee..

  3. hehe……lol…ingatkan nak tutup kedai…..kus semangat…

  4. abanglong Says:

    ina – miahahahaha 🙂
    neeza – takperrrrr 🙂
    yanglerni – kehkehkeh

  5. tula… hampeh u adi… i macam x percaya jer….

  6. abanglong Says:

    shai – hehehehehehe

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