Pak Arab

Yesterday afternoon, i was invited by a company to present my company profile, to explain our expertise and capabilites. i was there quite early as the meeting is scheduled at 3 pm; an over excited abglong, reached their building way before 1.30 pm hehehe. had a quickie at secret recipe located at their lobby. ermmm.. banyak ‘pemandangan indah’ there!!

the company is an arab based company. setup by few billionaires who had way too much money and nothing else to do.gathered some oil and gas expertise, some engineers; together they formed a company specializing in designing and supplying new tools for oil drilling. apparently, this malaysia branch is going to be a regional hub for their business in south east asia region. they were in the middle of setting up their factory somewhere in south. they had a vision and they had the technical know how. but most important, they had lots and lots of cash for modals….

they were looking for a local manufacturing company. some of their parts will be outsourced and they need capable business partners. as i were briefed by their manager (who is a malaysian) these pak arabs doesnt care much about the cost as long as they satisfied but at the same time they were very calculative! this manager is a very nice and humble guy. this is my first meeting with him even we’ve communicate few times tru the phone.we talked about business and opportunities, we talked about malay businessman cultures and we talked about recent PRU results that affects the investors. we talked about everything. he even told me her maids problem hehehe (tips on marketing -always try to befriend yr client and make them comfortable with you, they will open more)

i’ve sent my company details to this company quite some time ago. somehow, alhamdulillah those arabs shortlisted me and they would like to meet me in person. a meeting with them in their nice office makes my teloq kecut…(litterally of course! miahahahahahaha)

there i was, shaking hands with the billionares (in USD my fren, not in rupiah). the first word he uttered is, assalamualaikum….. many of my clients were foreigners, japanese, koreans, swedish, italiano, this is the first time i were greet by the word assalamualaikum……

the MD, looks calm yet serius during my quick presentations. after that, i donno maybe its their culture; shake hand again wif me (sib baik takder kes peluk2 and laga2 pipi! geli akuuuu hahahaha) he basically agrees and would like to try our services. he asked (rather test me) about some designs.gua goreng jer beb. hehehe.he said he wants to test me and my company first with the simple task first.

he need me to design some safety system for his machines.

i said, i will try to study and will provide my concept designs and costing.

before i keluar from his posh office, he asked me.. sudah solat ???

well, i do hope that this could be turning point for my company. i do hope that a could have a bright future here. i do hope that there were no more assholes and fuckers around that already gave me severe headaches before this. i do hope…

insyallah, i will try my best.

pray for my success my friends.. i love you all; I mean it.


15 Responses to “Pak Arab”

  1. Farzilah Says:

    that gud! hope this time its genuin ya… pray for you abglong!

    erkkk… tak der post for legal advisor ker?… hehehe!

  2. I love you too ;P. opsss!! kang marah ella pajila cakap cenggini kat papa dia..

    abanglong, Insyaallah, kalau rezeki tak kemana. Neeza doakan abanglong dapat job tu. Nape tak laga2 pipi? best sikit. baru rasa cam dok kat arab heheee…

  3. hmm.. nampak cam good chance la. doa doa moga u dapat la ek. insyaAllah..

  4. marilah kiter berdoa banyak2..semoga maju dan trus maju….

    luv u too…

    err..dada mmg bidang..tak yah nak tahan nafas segala…ngeh..ngeh..ngehhh…

  5. insyaALLAH..

    kalo kite ikhlas wat keje mesti ade bhgn utk kite!

    all d best abglong!


  6. abanglong Says:

    farzilah – mekasih.harap harap ini okeh la. legal advisor? ermmm i nak saman co effa boleh tolong ??? hehehe

  7. abanglong Says:

    neeza – shukran shukran…. hehehehe

    erni – mekasiiiih

  8. abanglong Says:

    dbi – miahahahahaha. mekasih. oooo dada mmg bidang ekkk. hihihihi. to sesapa nak tengok dada dbi (walaupun tidak berbuah) sila lawat blog dia . blog doktor dada bidang neh. hehehe

  9. abanglong Says:

    hummy – terima kasih 🙂

  10. Farzilah Says:

    chek nak minta keja dgn company pak arab tu… bukan dgn abglong…

    nak saman co effa? boleh jer… tp bukan ke abglong baik, sabar n tak suka legal2 action ni ke??? opsssss…

  11. semoga berjaya abanglong…
    bebnyk berdoa yeak mudah2an dipermudahkan segala urusan oleh ALlah 🙂

  12. abanglong Says:

    farzilah – oooo yer ker…. miahahaha. encem tau pak arab tu !!!

    chique – timokasih…. 🙂 doa kawan2 ni mmg Tuhan sentiasa makbulkan 🙂

  13. Farzilah Says:

    pak arab yang encem tu boleh wat laki… hahaha!

  14. abanglong Says:

    farzilah – ahlan wasahlan minal entahler….

  15. abglong jadi org tengah… pi pinang ek…. hehehe! mmg mission impossible ni…

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