First times…..

There were many first times in our lives. Hey, I bet that there were some smiles on some of the faces reading this blog, recalling your “first times” ehhh. Hehe. Yep, so many things that we could say to ourselves, this is my first time doing this, doing that and so on. Some were blessed with good memories yet some with bad and scarry feelings.

My very first time being a father. Almost 12 years ago. I was an engineer with a japanese factory back then while the Timbalan Perdana Menteri were just graduated and she was in still ‘full time housewife’ at that point of time. Being married in Nov 05 and she was already a “kenderaan berat” in september the following year.

First trimister she was quite fine. Not much morning sickness. She carved for cornetto icecreams at one time. However there were a time when she requested a popia basah which were only sold during ramadhans. Came the ramadhan and she were among the first to line up buying that nice popia basah. Bought 10 pcs, all finished!! Hehehe.

Second trime she still okay. But I’m turning to a professional male massager at nights. You name it, all the minyak ular, minyak boxing, minyak kayu putih and so on. My parents; being over exicited , expecting their first grandson doesn’t help much either. Each and everytime their visit, came along few more bottles of those minyak. Cant recall whether I used minyak shell v power though.

At our rented house, we don’t have full mirror. The only mirror is just a small mirror that just show our face. She once said to me that she was quite gratefull that she doesn’t ballooned much during her pregnancies. (though she had gained from 43 to 70 kg at that time). It was a trip to the malls that bring her back to reallity.

She screams with horror upon seeing her full image at one of the shops there. Full size mirror reveals all. She quickly grab me and said, apasal ayang besar sangat! Hahahahaha

I left her with her parents at kampung few weeks before delivery as I was totally havoc with crazy work schedule. But I manage to get a full two week leave during the due date.

She was almost a week overdue, when she were admitted. At that particular time, only the hospital kerajaan were available as private maternity hospitals is still an unknown to my place. Husbands were still forbidden to enter the labour room. It was just like in the movies, husband waiting anxiously at the lobby, starring at the ceillings and bla bla bla… Everything done seems not right… duduk salah, berdiri salah… its all mixed up. The feeling of joy, anxiety, hopes, and even some scarry thoughts.

Time really ticks slowly at those moments. The scene from the movies which the husband had to choose the life of either the wife or the kid lingers on my mind and almost made my eyes runs with tears. It had been close to 5 hours she were inside it. Each nurse or docs who passed the door would be stormed with question, how is my wife doc……

Finally he arrived at almost noon. Yeah… I am a father now. Alhamdulillah. The were no word that could describe those moments. There were no exact phrase to describe how much love and thankfull to God when I first say the wife smiles with her tired and pale face. There’s no way to describe the feeling upon seeing the small little face , small little hands and hey… he cried so loud for his size !!there were tears in my eyes kissing her forehead and whisper; this is our son darling…… there were so much pride seeing my parents and inlaws smiles. And I still can see my fathers glow when he uttered the azan..  

That was the moments; that was a time; a small miracle angel that carries my own blood and he will have my surname for the rest of his life.

Thank you Allah.

Btw… he came with no owners manual and its not refundable.







And I really cant imagine how a person, could simply buang the bayi…. The innocent little angel..


25 Responses to “First times…..”

  1. huhuuuu… sedih baca cite abanglong. First time jadi mother, neeza tak dapat tengok baby dulu sebab beranak belah.. takpelah.. anyway, thinking of both our blood are in our kids body already make me a proud mother and wife…

  2. This is the best posting adi yang i pernah baca… full of memories… myself kaki tergantung and anak hampir lemas… scaryyyy

  3. Farzilah Says:

    feel so touching…. sob, sob…. 😦

    bestnya ada anak… wanna have one… erkkkk… the father????

  4. abanglong Says:

    Neeza – our first baby, 3.4 kg; second 3.75; 3rd was 3.6 and 4th was 4.2kg… terus ikut tingkap hehehe

    shai – tenku 🙂

    farzilah – mmg best ada anak. buat anak pun best gak…opssssss 18sx 18sx miahahahahaha

  5. mula2 lucu je baca entry ni..lepas tu terharu pulak….errr kenapa abanglong sendiri x azankan anak yek? mesti excited sgt kot?

  6. abanglong Says:

    waliz – satu penghormatan untuk seorang lelaki yg baru dapat pangkat datuk… hehehe

  7. hi abang long! Thank you for visiting my blog! Have a nice day!

  8. Kann..abanglong..syukur…you have a family of your own and nampak gayanya memang suami/ bapa penyanyang lah you 🙂 Tu lah… whatever happen to humanity these days?? Buat anak gheti tapi nak jaga tak gheti..elok kerat je apa yang patut diorang ni! **matilaa emo

  9. mak oiii.. besar dan sihat2 anak abanglong.. ni mest ikut papa dia sebab mama kecik aje…

  10. salam abg long. Lama tak jenguk2 kat sini. Harap sihat sokmo. Yes.. very happy ada anak, dari mula lahir, meniarap, merangkak dan berjalan serta bercakap memang kita tunggu perkembangannya. Tapi satu…. kenapa bila anak mula membesar, dah pandai itu ini, kita mula pandai marah2 mereka pada hal masa kecik di sayang, dicium selalu.

  11. alaaaa.. suka nak kasik orang meleleh air mata la. suka wat cerita ala ala cerekarama tau! :p

    tapi, entry ni besh! ai laiiikk..

  12. i feel so lazy and dizzy at work today la

  13. ader ke biar org ngandung beratur beli popia basah???..maner laki dia yg penyayang ittew????… :-))

  14. abanglong Says:

    chen – nice day oso to u 🙂

  15. abanglong Says:

    Lee – tu ler, anda diberi tugas khas utk memotong…. boleh ???? miahahahaha

    neeza – hahaha; bayi semangat la kot. alhamdulillah

    tokNabe – betul gak tu. sama jer ngan kiter masa kecik, hari hari kena peluk kena cium, dah besar skit; mula merasa cubit cubitan, pastu pukul pukulan dan akhirnya rotan rotaman… hehehe. its just life… cuma, cara mendidik tu penting, kadang perlu diplomasi, kadang perlu emosi dan ada juga kes perlu pernamparnasi.

  16. abanglong Says:

    erni – waaaaahhhh apsal lak leleh ayaq mata plaaak… hehehe.

    chen – aik… what happened???

    dbi – laki penyayang dok beli mercun… kan time puasa tu, pastu raya… hehehehe

  17. ekekekeke!


    nak anak gakla ceni!


  18. abanglong Says:

    hummy – hehehe. semoga sukses…

  19. abglong, nov05 tu 5th of nov or nov 2005…

  20. abanglong Says:

    arsaili – its nov 2005. 🙂

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