a meeting with the billionaire

This morning, i went to the pak arab’s office again. the meeting was supposed to be yesterday but due to his busy schedule; it is held this morning. i emailed him around 7 pm yesterday and he replied it at aroud 8pm; his office mails! which means that; at that time; he is still at the office.

this reminds me with a conversation with a business friends many months ago. he is a chinese by race and a free thinker by religion. he once said to me that he doesnt really understand these malay businessmans.. that triggers my adrenalin and i demand more explaination..

he said; u look at a chinese; those businessman; driving big sleek merc to work. the boss. you see what time they come in and what time they leave the office?? there are some cases; the boss himself unlock the door and being the last person who leave the office at nights; locked the door…. (i do that! hehehehe)

and you see the malay bosses… also drive merc; but what time do they come? what time they leave ??? Bosss maaaah

he made me speechless

well, back to the meeting; in my last mail to him; i enclosed my concept design for their machine they asked me to design. and i took the opportunity to explain to him about the designs. few things that i notice about this pak arab… he is well versed in terms of engineering and technical know how – a plus point in the sense that no one can kencing him. being the MD of a company and with strong technical know how is a very good points indeed.

he said he were impressed with my co’s profesional service, he said its fast and very informative. he however disagree with about 60% of my design. but i like the way he handles the matter… firstly he point me what are the good points of my designs; and then he shoot me where he doesnt like about it. hahaha; that was my first design in these oil and gas field… but its okay looor.

i need to revise my designs and present to him again next week, after he back from Dubai.

He notice that i drive a lion from my car remote control ( i attached my thumbdrive together with my car keys) and he explain with great pride how the arabs love the lion. he himself got a few lion models at home. (yeahhh we got same passion 🙂 )

anyhow, the future here seems very promising. i do hope that i could and manage to be one of their vendors. though i’m still very green in this oil n gas field, i’m willing to learn and i’ll try to serve my best.

pray for me my friends…


17 Responses to “a meeting with the billionaire”

  1. wihihihi~

    abes abglong kate pe kat cine tu?

    deam je ek?


    lion tu kete pe?

    peugeot eh?

  2. salam

    jangae luper , biler dpt projek tu ,

    belanja ler kiter owang makan nasi kerabu ….

  3. memang tak terkato apo lah…
    dah gitu adatnya boss melayu, bukan abg long ler.. abg long lain.

    InsyaAllah … semoga dipermudahkan jalan, Amin..

  4. all the best!! and have a great weekend starting tomorrow!

  5. Never stop praying abanglong. The arabs ni banyak category. I think you’ve met a very educated and hardworking one! Insyaallah, your sky will be clearer soon..

  6. harap abanglong tak jadi mcm boss melayu yg tokeh tu maksud kan..kan kan..?

  7. abanglong Says:

    hummy – i just diam jer lah.. basically apa yg dia cakap tu ada truth dia and ada logiknya. he just dont want me to be like those guys…

    pB – ishhhh missed nasik kabbu neh. ada solok, ada daging, ada ikey clup tepung. pastu ada plak satey perut. ermmm really missed those trip pegi padey bah kat KB those days..

  8. abanglong Says:

    MM – harapdapat menjadi yg berjaya dan berguna lah… moga you and all my cyber friends ni pun berjaya dalam apa jua bidang 🙂

    chen – thanks… but tomorro abglong kena keja gak walaupun staff sumer tak keja 😦

    neeza – itulah, harap harap dapat la cedok ilmu demo demo tu. dapat jadi menantu pun baguh gak !!!! hahahahaha provok provok neh… 🙂

    waliz – abglong hanya insan biasa; sekiranya nampak abglong hanyut atau lena dibuai mimpi – reminds me okeh !! kena cubit telinga pun takpo

  9. salam abg long..me salam balik tuan rumah 😛

    hope abg long ok je..:)

  10. abanglong Says:

    inah – mekasih… me okeh jerrrrr

  11. Farzilah Says:

    this the same pak arab tu ek abglong?…

    dont forget to ask whether he need legal advisor ker….


  12. banyak lion…aku rimau tak der gigi je..huhuhuh

  13. khairulnizambakeri Says:

    It is all about attitude.
    Kan, Long?

  14. salam abg long wish u luck..kalau ada rezeki u will get it…be a good businessman ok!

  15. abanglong Says:

    farzilah – yup. same ol man

    dbi – rimau 3 bintang ekkkk? hehehehe

    knb – ermm yeah. those attitude yg baik, boleh kita ikut kan…..

    arsaili – thanks bro… 🙂

  16. ish..aku pun heran..lion tu kete ape? dah le aku ni buta kete ni sumer..

    anyway bang long..depa boleh le cakap cenggini..hidup diorang utk
    money..money..& money..! all about money..!

    but bagi kita.. family always comes first…!

    taknak esok2 mati kesunyian..duit byk..zuriat takde..kasih-sayang pun takde..

  17. abglong,


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