unta – idop lagi ghupanya kau yerrr

as far as i could remember, this blog had lots of entries about this unta in the beginning. for those who doesnt know who the hell is this unta, you could type the magicword unta in my search widgets… the entries about unta will pop out.

well, today; one of my staff told me that unta called one of my top guy and offered my guy to work with him. at first i was quite pissed of upon hearing that. but considering what unta had done before, i dont really surprised; he’d done more worse than this before rite….

my guy, lets name him Malik; is a former staff of mine with my old company. when i resigned form the former company he stayed there for a while and he joined me when i was with unta. he also knew unta very well, he also knew how unta works, how unta’s behavior and so on… he also knew almost all the things that unta done to me before. he saw with his very own eyes how unta throw my personal stuff outside the office…

and yet; unta had the guts to offer him ?

i dont really blame unta… i mean, its quite normal to pinch good staff from other companies in my line of business. and i dont blame malik either if he decides to switch to unta… be in my company which payments is a major issue is quite frustrating… and seeing the boss got nothing else to do to get those outstanding payments sure makes him wonders about his future…

to unta; if you do read this; dont worry, i’m not mad at you.. i just want to shoot you!

i rest my case.


8 Responses to “unta – idop lagi ghupanya kau yerrr”

  1. siann nye abg long
    pas satu satuu..sabar ye..

  2. bukan senang nak senang , kan …

    insyaallah , lepas ni 4 sure akan berjaya …

  3. biasa ler tu abglong…. my old company pun still berani offer i…. wpun dia org tau dia org tak mampu nak bayar gaji i…

    sabar yer abglong…

  4. abanglong, langit tak selalunya cerah. Kalau dia berjaya sekarang pun, akan ada masa turunnya.. sabar saje dan banyak doa. Allah sentiasa dipihak yang benar.. Insyaallah…. mana tahu one day si unta datang mengadap nak mintak kerja ngan abanglong pulak kan… 🙂

  5. abanglong Says:

    tun – abglong harap abglong leh sabar…. banyak sungguh dugaan unta nih

    pB – insyallah…terima kasih atas doa pB

    farzilah – yeah, i dont really kisah; cuma its UNTA… Plzzzzzzzzz

  6. kekekekkee!

    unta abglong kasik name?



    tp dengki btol la de tu!

    xpe abglong..

    abaikan manusia picisan cam de!


  7. Farzilah Says:

    nak wat cam na, both of yuo running a same bizz kan… so u tak leh elak nya UNTA tu…

  8. abanglong Says:

    hummy – ada sejarah dia kenapa known as unta! hehehe

    farzilah – abglong tak mau mencari musuh dan menjadi musuh dalam perniagaan. sesama cari rezeki, apa salahnya bersaing secara sihat!

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