i called for an urgent meeting in the office today. first agenda is i apologized to all the staff for their delayed salaries. its only today that i can pay their wages which was delayed for about a week. there were some payments came in last week and once the cheque is cleared, i cleared all my hutangs to the staffs. boss punya gaji ?? errmmm rm200 cukup tak???

i also explain what are the business situations for the time beeing. as most already know that current market situation is a bit or rather too slow. i mentioned about the pak arabs company and how they’ve shown their interest to our small company neh.

i told them about my meeting with a client last saturday… yeah; all the staff were on leave on that day. the boss kerja you know! hehe. i was in meeting with one company in sungai buluh. apparently, their order is way behind schedule as they were some 30 million backlogs. they supply syringe to world market and somehow last year their orders suddenly surge and now they were 30million unit shortage. the management had decided to upgrade their production line and some process they will need to have automated processes. i spent the whole saturday morning discussed those things with their boss.

from the meeting, they decided to upgrade one station. a station which currently using 4 manpowers. they asked me to study those stage and advice/design them an automation machine that eliminate or reduce the manpower and they could speed up their output. in order to do that; i will have to spent two weeks in their factory to study and make proposals…..

yeah, every single day for two weeks i would be had to be there…  ( i wonder if there were nice sweet minah kilang there!!!! miahahahaha ~ provokasi neh). they will call for another meeting to discuss my charges for that two weeks. yerlooo; i cant do other things beside melayan they all maaah!

the thing is; i had to trust my staffs. i wont be around for that two particular weeks…..


it started with my son; he got fever and now semua dah berjangkit… all the siblings dah demam. the bibik pun demam… their mother pun dah demam neh… ayyoooo!!! alhamdulillah the bapak is still okeh. jadi misi, suap ubat hehehe


i was at HUKM this morning for some personal reasons ( maybe i’ll blog about it one day if i rajin). was at their canteen; there were stalls selling nasi kerabu ~ upon seeing the colour of the nasi and the lauks and such, i decided not to take the chance; tak mau bazir duit. wise choice coz my partner for that day said the taste was horrible. i took nasi dagang that cost rm5 per plate.. their banner/bunting said original recipe from terengganu bla bla bla….

HORRIBLE also !!!!!



9 Responses to “rambles”

  1. Farzilah Says:

    abglong i respect you! wpun bayar gaji lewat, u still minta maaf pada staff you coz of the delay kan… mmg susah dapat gaji lewat, coz all of us ada our own t/jawap n liability… but sekurangnya u minta maaf to them n minta ler dia org bersabar abglong… jgn sesekali u suruh office manager u talk on yr behalf about tis… u sendiri kena buat… and jgn le plak, gaji bebudak tu lewat, tp u ambil gaji dulu n enjoy sakan n tell them gaji lewat… apa maknanya tu?

    i dah rasa abglong… dulu my previous co. mcm company abglong gak… all the executive level dapat gaji aroung 15 to 20 every month. habis duit keta kena intres, kad kredit call, insurance call n yada, yada, yada… the MD lansung tak minta maaf personnally to us… but her salery masuk on time every 25th every month. we all baru nak dapat gaji for last month, dia dah dapat gaji for next this month. ada patut ka? sekali ambil dekat2 25K. bila all the gud staff nak berhenti, dia biar jer… coz of her EGO!

    the MD boleh ckp to us…. “tak kan u all tak der saving, use yr own saving dulu ler”

    giler…. saving i plak gena guna coz you tak bayar gaji us… end up i work there for only 10 months.. she counter offer me, i wat donno jerrrr… mana tidak nya… gaji i pun tak boleh bayar, lagi mau counter offer… piraaaaa… most importance skit ‘minta maaf pun tak der’

    so you abglong… gaji lewat tak per… janji you show to them you pun dapat gaji lewat sama… u pun derita sama… jgn u senang lenang plak… ingat tu!

    i doa kan ablong tabah n sabar ya…

  2. salam

    tahniah sebab abelong bos yang bagus ….

    nasi dagang , nasi kerabu jarae jarae buleh carik hock sedak.
    kalu nok sedak ikut slero kito, keno masok sdiri lat jawab nyer

  3. a good boss will be blessed later by Him. Don’t worry…

    Neeza jumpa banyak jenis nasi kerabu… so far takde satu pun yang neeza berkenan kecuali yang jual di Kelantan sendiri. Itupun tak semua. Anyway, macam kata kak pb, yang buat sendiri jugak sedap… tapi for me, yang my mom buat lah.. Yang neeza buat sendiri, ada je yang tak kena rasa…

  4. Restaurant doing gimmicks to increase sales and do promotion!

  5. bagoz tol abglong ne!


    nasik kabu?


    lame tol x mkn!

    katne nak dpt nasik kabu yg bes kat kl ne eh?


  6. abanglong Says:

    farzilah – to me; all my staff is the most valuable assets that i have. i could purchase any type of machineries at any time with moneys but not staffs! their commitments and their appreciation towards the company is priceless….

    pB – mekasih… ermmm rasa rasanya ada terbaca kat satu blog, ada jemputan utk makan nasi dagae n nasik kabu original yg super sedap di satu rumah di Puchong… ngehngehngeh

  7. abanglong Says:

    Neeza – dulu pernah buat; nasi kerabu n nasi dagang. masa tu ada pertolongan dari orang kampung.. panggil all my staffs, clients and most of the neighbours. 10 kilo ikan ayer abisss!!! sedap giler kata mereka and they cakap klu my inlaw bukak kedai nasik dagae n nasik kabu sure femes…

    chen – and we are the falling victims eh…. what to do!

  8. abanglong Says:

    hummy – ada terbaca kat blog; katanya kat sungai buluh !but to me; ada one kedai kat pinggiran; gombak. its nice.

  9. Farzilah Says:

    that gud abglong… keep it up!

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