Dont drink and drive!! EVER!!!!

It was a normal stop over at one of the gas station nearby. I purchased my oxygen for the day that came in the box of fourteen stick which would survive me for a day and half. I was on my way to clients place and I also bought a cup of hot cappucino. Breakfast on the move J

My lion doesn’t have those things called cup holder. So I had to hold the hot cuppa throughout the journey. Its irritating mind you!

Some stupid dumbdriver swive into my lane and I had to slam the brakes. The cup hit the steering wheel and the cap gone loose.

Piping hot cappucino splashed onto my laps !!! Ayyoooooo !!! Bit lucky I wore jeans to work, reduce bit of the global warming effect… somehow, I’m left with paha yg merah…

Lucky tak kena kat situ….

If not; ada teloq masak separuh hoh !!!!


12 Responses to “Dont drink and drive!! EVER!!!!”

  1. huh, buat terkejut je. mengada!

    kata eksiden. eiii, jahat!

  2. adussshhh!!! can imagine that.. hehee.. kalau telur masak separuh, jawabnya kena cuti la berparuh paruh.. hehehhh..

  3. abanglong….kelucahan melampau tu…huhuhu

  4. adusss … lesson learned! don’t ever drink piping hot drink & drive a lion with no cup holder at the same time!!!

  5. abanglong Says:

    erni – uishhh boleh membawa maut tuuuu hahahaha

    neeza – masih selamat, bersih suci dan bermutu… miahahahaha

  6. abanglong Says:

    nash – takper… utk pengajaran 🙂

    violet – atau; get another car sih !! hehehehe

  7. hahahahaha!

    telor sparoh masak!

    *ktawe golek!


  8. abanglong Says:

    hummy – errrr tak cedera laaa hahahahahaha

  9. kalo telor jd sparoh masak..

    jd katak la gamaknye!


  10. Farzilah Says:

    ha kecian…

    my friend baru beli new accord.. sekali air coke tumpah atas deskboard… kena tukar the electronic board… hehehe! kecian…

    dont drink and drive!!!

  11. […] kedai mamak yang berbulu. but then beli jer air kat mobil and minum dlm keta. hehe.. tiada kejadian telur masak separuh di pagi hari hehe. and the trip to shah alam is super smooth. so i was at their factory almost 90 […]

  12. […] dont drink and drive ever […]

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