hard choice

i made a bold decision today.

the purchasing department of Effa’s company awarded me a project to provide them 900 unit of some part for the production line. its a cool project with about 100% profit. yes; the selling price is more than double the cost of materials and fabrications.

i rejected it.

yes… i dont want to do that particular projects.infact; i’ve decided not to take any of their projects awarded to me untill all those outstanding is settled. i know; its a profitable project and taking consideration now that economy is slow; it is a good project. but, no point gaining profit on paper.. in reality their payments is dragged for many many months… kalau camtu; tokeh babi pun jual kandang!!

i recalled what i told effa’s new boss that day – i dont mind tak dapat projek you tapi i cukup susah hati kalau dapat projek dari you…

sounds arrogant ehh!!

i dont care; all i need is my money back. pay me all the outstandings and lets talk business again.

if you want to do business with me; do it my way ! ~ abanglong



10 Responses to “hard choice”

  1. bravo! good deal tu.. don’t let people play you around anymore. They thought it’s easy to do business with your company as they can delay payment. No way and there’ll be no way… Way to go adi!!!

  2. da dpt payment..

    jgn lupe org di cni!

    *kuis2 kaki!


  3. abanglong Says:

    neeza – yer lah. mmg kalau sekali pikir, rugi. dah ler job skarang kurang. tapi kalau pikir lagi, asyik kena kuar modal and so on, tapi payment tak masuk, sapa tahan kan. dah ler setengah mati now… hehehe

    hummy – bisa diaturrrr… mau makan apa sih?? hehehe

  4. bagussss tu…takkan nak biar org take advantage kat kita…n yg kesian org yg buat kerja penat2 n payment lambat…sapa tak angin….good luck..
    p/s dah start blog page lak…

  5. seriuss … tabik spring!!!

  6. weokwoeokwoeokweok!

    mkn aa pape pon!

    janji kenyang!


  7. abanglong Says:

    nash – hehehe. bukan angin lagi daah…. tornado pun kalah nooo! anyway; nice blog u have there 🙂

  8. abanglong Says:

    hummy – abglong orang kampung… suka masak lomak cili api, suka ulam dan sebagainya 🙂

  9. Farzilah Says:

    wowww… that abglong…

    tegas juga abglong ni…

  10. abanglong Says:

    farzilah – abis; sungguh sengsara hidup abglong dibuatnya.

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