she is cute!

I went to  a new company today; hand over my company profiles and talk cock about what I can do; what service that my company can provide; bla bla bla. Its located in Nilai, infact I’m writing this blog while having my coffe here (hehe; lesson well learnt,no more drink and drive). This is a mat saleh based company dealing with telecommunication things. Well, hope to get some projects there as their engineers quite interested with us. Ermmm btw; they have a super sweet receptionist!! Miahahahaha


Got few calls from my suppliers asking for payments – ayyooo L

Got calls from banks asking about their loan repayments – ayoo L

I need to have more and more projects.. must work harder dude !



21 Responses to “she is cute!”

  1. I doakan you’ll get what you want…n work smart…

  2. sempat gak nak ngurat tu!:)

  3. telecommunications? dimanakah? kompeni apakah? wuuu.. nak tau! :p

  4. ella pajilla lagi cute la abanglong weiiii…

  5. abanglong Says:

    nash – thanks. i want 530i tau 🙂 takpun 525i sports pun kira okeh la

    mamarangie – hehehe; biar bersemangat nak visit lain kali ngehngehngeh

  6. abanglong Says:

    erni – maap yer; they manufacture telecommunications equipments seh

    neeza – hahaha… tau. 🙂

  7. she is cute?


    sy keeeeeeeeeee?

    ow mai!

    *sorok muke bwh bantal!



  8. abanglong Says:

    hummy – miahahahahahaha…. ngam ler tuuu.

  9. meh la beli keta kat sini murah2…

  10. sapa ada nombor hp mak long? nak antar report nih pasal abang long….hihihi

  11. lor dd.sempat lg tu.ampessssssss

  12. aiyak.sempat lg tu.huhu

  13. aik.nape ada dua komen ni?uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  14. patut abang l0ng snap gambaR recEpti0nist tue.. hikhik

  15. abanglong Says:

    nash – ermmm bawak balik le utk abglong sejibik hehehe

    waliz – ekekekeke…. jangaaan aaa! nanti abglong kena ketuk ngan ella pajilla hahaha

  16. abanglong Says:

    riena80 – hehehehe…. tak tau lerrr naper.

  17. abanglong Says:

    majoko – miahahaha… satu idea yg bernas neh.

  18. saper yang cute ni?…

  19. abanglong Says:

    farzilah – abglong 🙂

  20. Farzilah Says:

    hehehe… cehhhhh…

  21. ai abanglong….pekabO?

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