an invitation

i recieved an email from the pak arab….

we will have a tahlel and doa’ at our factory. please attend if you have time. attached is our map

ermmm ni satu ajak yang wajib kena pegi lah ni. apparently they nak rasmikan pembukaan kilang and they buat doa selamat and tahlil.

its somehow a good start; previously i had to go karaoke to entertain those japanese….

ahlan wasahlan….


4 Responses to “an invitation”

  1. insyaallah nak dpt project baru la tu…alhamdulillah…kalau dah rezeki tak ke mana…

  2. different style la ni…
    bagus sggh….dunia n akhirat berjalan selari….
    moga abglong dirahmati n diberkati Allah……

  3. abanglong Says:

    sue – harap harap abanglong dapat tempias tempias laaaa 🙂

  4. Farzilah Says:

    bagusnya pak arab ni. wat doa selamat n tahlil… calon suami yang baik ni… kekekeke!

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