pak arab; the update

abanglong reached the pak arabs kilang in nilai at 7pm sharp as stated in the mail. one of the things that i would always try to keep is, if i promise my client at that particular time; i will try all my best to meet them at the time promised… no janji melayu for me. try to keluar awal or different route (thanks to the gps navigator) and so on.if it is really unavoidable, i’ll call in advance mentioning that i’ll be late…

the were about 10 to 15 arabs there. the one that i do business came in a sleek S320. yeah.. its just a peanut to him though.lets call him Mr.Ahmad. others were very unfamiliar face to me coz i’ve only met 2 or 3 arab guys from that company. also one old pakcik clad in baju batik were there. others were their malay staffs.

stated with maghrib prayers berjamaah. i tell u, i nearly cry masa dengar imam arab tu baca. its just almost the same from the vcd that my parents brings home from their umrahs… terasa begitu shahdu and terasa sayu…bilakah agaknya abglong akan dapat menjejakkan kaki kerumah Allah… atau mungkinkah abanglong dipanjangkan usia dan dijemput mengelilingi kaabah.. i dont know and it really makes me feel so daif di sisi hamba2 ini.

i never had any experience sembahyang berjemaah with the arabs. after prayer the wirid is quite senyap and time doa its like this guy baca then the guy from third row sambung and then other guy sambung and so on.. abanglong just amin…amin…amin… dont understand what they mintak, i assume sumer mintak yg baik2 la kaan.hehehe

then after doa ( i thought it was just a tahlil with baca yasin) when all of them keluarkan quran. tapi one of the staff told me, they all nak buat khatam quran, baca 30 juzuk tonight.and Ahmed tepuk my bahu and said, ady u read one juzuk for us okay… i smiled and said, no… i will just follow you. hehehe mau subuh baru siap baca satu juz neh!!  actually each of them baca 1 juzuk, so 13 juzuk was read sekali. the first guy yg habis his juzuk will read the juzuk 13 and so on.

by isyak… khatam!  me really impressed.

ahmed told me that this is his friends. they had their own communities. one of their culture is each and every week they will take turn to become host. all of them will come and khatam quran at that house. next week rumah orang lain plak…. i said.. oooooooo.

ahmed also told me that all his friends mostly involved in engineering lines and mostly were CEO or MD of that company. they involved in aviation, automotive, and weapon. i said hah? well it looks like ada kilang kat mesia produce weapons!! me dont know!

ahmed told me that, if i succed my project with him, he will definitely introduce me to all his friends, insyallah katanya.

doakan moga abglong berjaya my friends…..

back to cerita pakcik baju batik. he was about 60+. dark skin, kepala quite botak with some white hair. sebijik cam pak guard lah. baju batik lak tu. but he was nice, came to me and salam and tanya kerja kat mana.i told him saya tak kerja sini bang. saya supplier utk ahmed… and so on

he was quite interested and tanya me many questions about my business. i cerita la dengan happy about my company 🙂

then Ahmed came and tepuk my back… aaaa u’ve meet our chairman, Datuk…………

OMG… DATUK…. wakakakaka sib baik aku tak panggil dia pakcik!!!!

apparently that pakcik is their chairman. formely one of the top 3 bigshot from petronas..

rasmi padi; makin matang, makin tunduk!! i mmg tak sangka!! mintak maap yer datuk…  my name card, jangan la buang yer tuk… hehehe.

the dinner was really good ( or i was really hungry.tak makan apa2 the whole day)

conclusion – i’m happy 🙂


8 Responses to “pak arab; the update”

  1. uih!

    bagoz gile doank kan!

    seap smayang jemaah n katam quran!

    patot dicontohi sme ne!

    n btw..

    all d best to u abglong!


  2. salam what a good islamic company culture..leh implement kat ur company

  3. abanglong Says:

    hummy – and some of them were billionares 🙂 so very humble

    arsaili – apa yg baik kita ikut 🙂

  4. really nice to hear about these arabs…because too many bad things about them on tv papers etc…nice experience right…n good luck on your projects

  5. abanglong Says:

    nash – thanks. harap harap boleh menjana satu persahabatan yang ikhlas. moga rezeki bertambah 🙂

  6. hi you have a nice work

  7. Farzilah Says:

    bagusnya… kan i dah ckp tadi… calon suami ni weiiii…. hehehehe

    hope yr business with them will success abglong… me pray for u!

  8. abanglong Says:

    mido- thanks…

    farzilah – ambooooiiiii hehehehehe

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