effa – the chronology

recieved an sms from purchasing gal,

adi, yr check is ready.

this morning, i quick quick go to their office. it was around 950 am. meet some officer regarding outstanding invoice.informed the accounts that i was at their lobby.

11 am. the purchasing gal came down and told me that the cheque is waiting for another signature. cheh. ( she apologised, it was her mistake.not knowing that the other boss is yet to sign the cheque)

the boss hasnt come to the office yet.

she told me that one of the boss, effa new boss (apparently a new guy just promoted- the one with no BIN in his name) had asked the account gal… is ady’s company gone bankrupt? coz he doesnt want to pay all the balance if my company declared bankrup….)


12 45 pm – get into my car….

without the cheque!



5 Responses to “effa – the chronology”

  1. insyaallah

    esok akan dapatler cek tu …

    sabor nyer

  2. I hope by the time I am here, you already get your cheque. We can always have good nasi kerabu in my place in Sungai Buluh. Of course it’ll be on you… hehehe

  3. abanglong Says:

    pB – dah dapat dah cek depa ari ni… rm800 sahaja!!!!

    Gab – takyah tunggu cek klu takat nasik kerabu hehehe. bisaa aja.

  4. Farzilah Says:

    eh ada plak gitu… tak kira ler company you nak jadi apa pun… hutang tetap kena bayar maaaa….

  5. kalau bankrap x payah bayar? so cheapskate!

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