effa – final countdown

after the silly waiting that day, i recieved a confirmation called from the account gal that my cheque is finally ready. as i also had another appointment in the same area with their office, i was there at about 10am.

the cheque i recieved was just RM856.00  bullshit

i demand to see the account manager but he wasnt available

i demand to see effa’s sarchastic boss also not possible as he is Japan for the moment

i stormed to the accounts office and talked to the officer incharga

i was super mad

and finally, their plant manager entertained me.

he is cool but firm

after explaination from me; he directed his boys to take all the relevant documents pending in effa’s boss office. he also asked those boys for immediate actions.

thank you so much

but; the line has been crossed and they made me looks like a clown asking for the stupid balloon. all i’m asking was my money that they should have paid me ages ago.

a told him;

thank you so much for your cooperation. but these things had been dragged for so long with an obvious evil reason. i cant tolerate anymore and i’m very sorry. i’ve been supporting your company but all i got is all these bullshit.

i’ve no choice. i can lodge a court order but i know you guys would play it around and it will take ages to settle

i’m sorry but i’m gonna lodge a police report against your company; mentioning that you guys arent willing to pay what you owe me and i’m gonna take back all the machines,jigs,parts and all the items that i’ve supplied to you.

yes i will loose lots of money on that but its much much better than giving it free to you guys.

worst case; i can sell those things to besi buruk shops..


he looked shocked. and asked for a week to settle things….




5 Responses to “effa – final countdown”

  1. bile abg long da ngamok!


    saman kan je!

    at least bole dpt balek sme!

    *ketok2 hammer*


    baw je kne wat research psal winding up company!


  2. Farzilah Says:

    ha… kan dah ckp…

    if ari tu send LOD sure dah tau apa cita kan… depa ni mmg tak nak bayar duit ablong… mcm2 depa buat! jahat lah… tak suka org mcm ni…

    ehhhh… dah time ler… nak balik KL… yeyeye!

  3. hampeh betul aaa company tu …

  4. cool… sekali sekali wat gitu bagus gak…

  5. abanglong Says:

    hummy – cool.

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