project dengan arabs

the pak arab secretary called me late in the evening and told me that her boss need to see me after office !

when i reached his office at around 6 30pm, he is the only one left there. he apologized for the short notice and thanked me for coming even at odd hours (hehehe servis beb, suruh datang kol 2 pagi pun bisaaa… janji masyuuuk)

prior to that; his enginer had engaged me for a new project. to design and fabricate cooler tank for their machine. its a cool project though its not too big amount. i’ve designed it and had submitted the concept for their approval.

the boss had seen the design and thats the reason he called me. he wanted to change 200% of the design…..

apparently, the engineer had missed one vital detail that could scrapped the entire project..

i had to re design all over again..

and they give me just few days to complete….


moral of story:

  • the billionaire boss do takes everything seriously. he double checked almost everything to ensure that it does not goes wrong… a very good management
  • he always be the last person leaving the office – yeah, being the highest salaried doesnt mean being the least responsibilities rite! a very good reminder to all of us
  • being super rich does not comes with sombong and rude… he himself made me coffe. technically, i minum coffe made by a billionaire hahahahahaha
  • gua stress tapi happy



    9 Responses to “project dengan arabs”

    1. lepas ni nak mintak abglong buat kan kopi untuk saya la…sbb bakal billionaire…insyaallah..

    2. Farzilah Says:

      hehehe… i mmg nak cari suami yang pandai masak n wat kopi…. !!!!

    3. dapat project baru means more busy and more $$. Tapi takpe, Insyaallah, it’ll worth the effort. Best of luck abanglong…

    4. patot kasik bos sy bace ni!

      bg trase sket!


    5. takpe…lepas ni nak mintak abglong buatkan kopi la…sbb bakal billionaire…amin…insyaallah

    6. abanglong Says:

      farzilah – hehehe.. and drive a sleek 5 series ekkk

      neeza- thanks.. kena kojo kuattt…

    7. abanglong Says:

      hummy – bak mai email boss u, abglong forward hehehe

    8. btul la. bos i yang skrg ni tak besh! dia pun patut baca ni. biar dia tau sikit!

      macam bos lama, sama macam yang u cakapkan tu. sbb tu dia berjaya. nak gi mana pun orang suka. huhuhu..

    9. Farzilah Says:

      ha pandai abglong read my mind! gud!!!

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