arabs – the designs

i spent the whole weekend infront of this laptop. i’ve been awarded two projects from the pak arabs even without giving them our official quotation.its basically kau buat dulu harga kita citer kemudian kind of things.

the first project; had been reviewed zillion times. dah tukar designs 1,432,542 kali tau ( hehehe, yes i’m exegrating laaa) and last meeting on hari jumaat lepas he asked me to add few more items which i need to design and pass my designs to this one specialised machine maker in Taiwan. so basically my designs ni dah start to travel obersea lah yea.. hehehe.

frankly; i really stress with this project. bayangkan had to start all over again and again and again.. he is one hell of a perfectionist guy and ponin den nak layan dia. he had told me once that my design is so important that it will somehow effect their image for their clients. this also would be a benchmark for my future business with his company !

the second project… being awarded last minute. ni pun satu hal, dah design ke 4 neh. tukar sini ubah sana tambah situ and so on.

ikut jer laa LABUUUUUU…

masa last meeting, i bring along my sales engineer together. during the meeting, he sms’ed me saying, boss.. apa mamat ni cakap! tak paham.

hehe yes; their engineer commands of english ni a bit teruk sikit. campur slang ke arabban nya. dah ler cakap laju.

anyhow; customer is always right and the will always right!


5 Responses to “arabs – the designs”

  1. kekekeke!

    byk kerenah btol!

    tp nak wat cane..

    cawik rejeki kan!


    papepon wat yg tebaek ok abglong!

    go go chayok!

  2. abanglong Says:

    hummy – mekasihhh. susah nak dapat trust they all neh

  3. susah nak paham eh?? biasa la tu.. diorang ingat diorang nye english dah habis best la tu.. hehee.. ikut je la abanglong..

  4. Farzilah Says:

    hahaha… same ler in my co… sekali japs tu ckp english… jadi Japlish…. hahahaha!

  5. abanglong Says:

    neeza – kena blajar cakap arab neh

    farzilah – teringat masa cakap with kohno, AE; i no go you no come.. miahahahaha

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