the more the better…

i’m talking reality here…

engineering line of business is currently facing a slow down; globally. electronics sector is slowly down and we’re getting lesser and lesser orders from this line. huge and fierce competetors from suppliers esp from china and taiwan are making electronic giants switching channels. and we in malaysia is slowly feeling it heats.

there are still orders but in limited amounts. plus high competitions from same local vendors makes the price is super crazy low.

lets not talk about the increasing cost of manufacturing, materials, petrols and such for the moment. the customers is still asking us to deliver the goods at old price with more discounts! gilerr

the’ve reached the stage where they are the one who determined the price. i give you this project and i want it at rm1000; if you cant meet the price; other supplier can and i will give it to them…. thats the scenario now.

the automotive sector doesnt help much either.

the running model is for the new proton MPV; perodua MPV and then the new perdana replacement model. as for the other brand like the peugeot from naza; chances of getting those projects are quite slim. nissan ? dont ask unless u’re name doesnt have bin in the middle. toyota ? i’ve tried but the price they mintak is too crazy. honda? well; long story though.

thats why i’m concentrating the business towards oil and gas industries for the moment. layan pak arab tu sebaik mungkin. honestly; some of their requirements are a bit mengarut but terpaksa melayan la kan.

having said that; the arabs projects ni is still in alam maya. maksudnya- yes i dah dapat the project but the harga is still not yet fix. based from the meetings with the boss; i know the company banyak duit but the boss is so very stingy with the expenses yg keluar. dia akan nag and nag till he got the super best deal ( satu sikap boss yg bagus kan.. tak ler main sign jer all the cek cek tu)

anyhow; i do love my business and i will try all my best utk maintain it.i will work as hard as i could and pray to God.

itu baru intro… hehehe; ni nak citer sebenarnya neh.

ada one of my close friend approached me recently. i dah banyak kali been approached by these kinds of marketing peoples. the first type is those from MLM companies- these i mmg menyampah. i think ada entry about it somewhere nih. tak pernah contact and tetiba contact and terus jadi mesra alam yang amat; pastu mula cucuk jarum suruh join, bayar tu beli ni and so on. very irritating la kan.

then ada pulak yang jenis insurance agent neh. ni boleh la diterima sikit. tapi takkan la aku nak amik lapan polisi utk seorang rite. anak2 pun ada educational plan pun kira okeh la rasanya. me and the family pun dah covered so cukup la. pastu company maklong pun covered us. her company even cover maternity lagi…

the third one ni yg paling istimewa. he told me about savings and investments. yes.. he belongs to one of the unit trust agencies tu. and based from his explainations- i think i minat and i rasa i’d like to join the club. kalau MLM; kita persuade mangsa utk spent spent spent; beli tu beli ni bayar tu bayar ni, sabun la gincu la,water treatment la and macam macam.

then the unit trust ni plak, kita encourage ppl to save. reroute what they have in EPF and chanelled to those investments that makes more profit to him.he doesnt need to spent any dime and he doesnt need to puchase anything…

win win situation !

i’m going to take the exams in two weeks. hehehe.. sapa sapa nak pecahkan dara abanglong???? miahahahaha. become my first client?



8 Responses to “the more the better…”

  1. akhirnya! masuk gak ek? bagus.. bagus..

    u, i nak ur email. nak invite utk my blog. 🙂

  2. welcome to the club.

    senang je exam , tak reti tembak.

    paling syok, on the spot dpt tahu lulus ke tidak.

  3. abanglong Says:

    erni – its

  4. daring…siap offer lagi tu…muahaha….but kalau dekat bolehlah tambah my unit trust through abg long…

  5. Farzilah Says:

    hehehe… which trust fund?…

    joint my bro.. he one of the top performance manager in unit trust… welcome to the club!!!

    exem dia senang le bro…

  6. abanglong Says:

    pB – hehehe. tu ler; dah tua2 ni otak slow seket

    farzilah – boleh; abanglong budak baru belajar… mahu menuntut ilmu dari orang yang terpelajar dan mahir.

  7. abanglong Says:

    nash- boleh TT jer… takper hehehehe

  8. I was recommended this blog by my cousin. I’m not sure whether this post is written by him as nobody else know such detailed about my difficulty.
    You are wonderful! Thanks!

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