12 Responses to “adehhhhh…….”

  1. wohooo~

    nak sambo kete ne plak ke?

    tayahla banglong!

    naek beskal suda!


  2. i’m not an audi lover… the car really look bland… but the new LED daytime running lights really cool… it’s a pity this one coming here as a FWD model.. it’ll be much better if they decided with the Torsen-based quattro four wheel drive system.. but then again, your pocket much be a lot deeper 🙂

  3. nak gambar kereta audi ke??? kalau gambar ada byk la..sbb ada pi tokyo motor show last year…haha…

  4. abanglong Says:

    hummy – tadek laaa… saja tengoook.

    osh – hahahaha. but it sure cool to be seen in a quarter million dollar audi rather than those too much beemers and too many mercs.. dare to be different.
    in my dreams though !

  5. abanglong Says:

    nash – nak KETA audi… boleyyyy?

  6. oshkosh Says:

    hehehe… why buy car to ‘show off’?? i don’t care if everyone else hate my ride, why should i? buy car that fit your needs & the most important thing is that buy the car that you like… forget about 2nd hand value etc… 🙂

  7. Farzilah Says:

    kalau worna merah lagi cantik kan… i suka merahhh…

  8. oshkosh Says:

    i saw one on the road near bangsar last week.. red colour, very nice… that LED light really something, it made that Audi more noticeable even in daylight.. really kewl…

  9. abanglong Says:

    osh – grab la satu.then bring me for teh tarik !!!

  10. oshkosh Says:

    abanglong, me not an Audi fan… me like Beemer more…

    p/s: alasan orang takde duit hahahahaha 🙂

  11. abanglong Says:

    osh – hehehe. ultimate driving machine tu. 525i okeh ? hahaha

  12. oshkosh Says:

    1 series pun ok dah.. janji pree, i tak memilih hahaha 🙂

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